.::interlude: flight pause::.

11 10 2009

.:: on the ipod: The Postal Service ::.

well, the airports have been friendly today… maybe because i flew an awesome foreign airline (those german sure know how to do things well… and they don’t take shit from anybody. i like that. keepin’ it real. or, keepin’ it german. whichever you prefer.) where there are no crazy lines or crazy people. they may not smile all the time, but, hell, do i? i’ve been through 2 flights already and no one’s pissed me off. this one poor stewardess girl on the flight from frankfurt to barcelona splashed some coke on me and almost freaked out, said she was sorry a million times, and even brought me a stain remover towel thingy. it was so rediculous i wasn’t even mad, i just laughed. sometimes i think i could benefit from being a stewardess. it would probably make me be a nicer person. or, it would be an epic FAIL.

i was in frankfurt for (what seemed like) forever. i had to reconnect with my german homies and get some german food. even if it was german airport food. i had a brat & fries &, yes, a paulaner. at 9am. what. then i just took a nap. i tried to sleep on the long flight but i just couldn’t get comfortable. i was definitely tired though… so once in frankfurt when i’d gotten through customs & whatnot I just laid down on some empty seats and slept a couple hours. yeah! in an airport! i know. i don’t really believe that just happened either. these guys apparently had the same idea:IMG_0833

so, barcelona! i swear, every time i think that word or see it written, all i hear is that stupid song from Vicky Cristina Barcelona… you know the one? if not, you can play it below and get it stuck in your head too 🙂 i’m just sitting in the airport and i can already tell it’s hot. or maybe it’s the cafè con leche i got. i’m excited about getting back here in about a week and a half to spend some time. i can already tell i will be super inspired to make art when i get home, after seeing everything in barcelona and everywhere else in spain… maybe i’ll take up mosaics. you know me and my five-minute hobbies. 😉

so anyway… next up: seville. that’s where i’ll be until next saturday, learning (or trying to, anyway) español and spending some lazy time in a city in the south of spain. then i’ll go to madrid for 3 days and then close it out with barcelona for the remaining 4 days. the weather looks delicious; mid-80’s and sunny in sevilla… mid-70’s in madrid & barcelona. couldn’t ask for more. i love this place already.





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