.::first day of school!::.

13 10 2009

well today is my first day of class… we just had our little placement test and orientation. level 1, baby!! i am wanting to learn some español, yes, but… i hate this kind of stuff. i can’t understand anything and i feel dumb dumb dumb. *sigh* at least i’m in super beginner class so they know i don’t know anything. ugh. i finally got the password for the wifi here… that explains the super-long post recounting the last day or so. 😉

it was hard to get up today. it was still pretty dark outside at 8 when i left! kind of a weird feeling. i went and got a cafe con leche at the same place i did yesterday– no churros this time por favor-– and, um, hello james!! it’s only 1,10€. i’ve been tipping 50 cents for coffee. wowie. gotta change that up. also had a piece of cheese and some OJ before leaving the house. hopefully that’ll hold me over til i can get lunch… i still don’t know how class is gonna work or what the schedule is…

so class is working like this. all of us new students just went on a tour, of sorts, with one of the teachers here. he took us walking around for an hour, in a big circle, talking only in español, telling us about sights and the different plazas and places around the school. yes, i guess you can tell, i understood some of it. but that’s the extent of that. maybe like 20%. it’s kinda tough not to have translation readily available. lucky for me, there was a british kid in my group named Sandy who started talking to me– i must just look like i speak english– so i had someone to commiserate with. he claimed not to understand but a single word every sentence, but, unfortunately, having traveled to south america last year, he knew enough to be placed in level 2 during his placement test, so it was a short-lived victory for the english-speakers. *sigh* he just finished “university” and is traveling… here for three weeks and then to malaysia where his uncle is or something. that’s the sweet life! i wanna travel for that length of time… 😦 there’s jamila whining again. silly girl. anyway, so i found out i will only have afternoon classes… from 1330-1830 with a couple of breaks interspersed. we’re slightly confused on that, seeing as how we signed up for 25 lessons for the week… hmmm. the good news is that i get to sleep in! hopefully i’ll make the most of my mornings. well, it’s off to my first class here… i’ll letcha know how it goes…





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