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13 10 2009

it’s been a long couple days without being able to use my computer when i want to… but it’s been kinda liberating, too. not to say i haven’t been writing… lord knows i write everything down… but that just means that this is gonna be longer than most. where did i leave off? i was in barcelona, waiting to fly to sevilla. here’s what happened next:


IMG_0954wowwwwww. so, what a first night in sevilla. i got out of the airport and got a taxi ok, cost 24€ to come to this place i’m staying. i walked up to the place and saw people out on the balcony so i said i was from Enforex (my language school) and they came down to let me in. yeah- the guy who lives here? jean louis? only español. grrrrrreat. it was kinda funny: “hola, que tal?” we just went ahead and skipped the whole “como estas” fiasco — no wondering whether or not to use “usted” — i like that! tu comprende? no? ok then!! seriously though, i was surprised how much we could actually communicate… i could kick myself for not remembering to get a spanish phrase book. guess that’s on the agenda… if i see one… so he proceeds to tell me i need to give him a deposit for keys, and i don’t have that much cash on me. then he introduces me to some other kids staying there, some boys from austria, they look real young. probably high school. anyway there’s a girl here too. but i have my own room but we all have to share one bathroom. oy ve. anyway i drop my stuff and proceed to go look for an ATM so i can get him that money. good thing i did, because i proceeded to get semi-lost and, long story short, my card isn’t working, so i can’t get cash as of right now. mother eff! i called nadia and got the number for wachovia and called them up, talked for like 30 min with people (that’s gonna hurt) and didn’t end up getting any money. what to do… they say they’ve fixed it so let’s hope tomorrow morning something works or i don’t know what i’m gonna do… jeeeeeez. maybe there’s a western union around here. anyway. i was on the verge of tears after the ATM stuff anyway and then i REALLY got lost trying to find my way back. turns out my street changes names and i totally kept going in circles till i summoned the courage to go ask someone. thank god. so i’m finally back here almost three hours later and getting ready for bed. AND there’s no internet 😦 so i’ll have to find out about that tomorrow. boyoboyoboy. i hope it only gets better from here because right now i am NOT having fun. i need a shower.


at the Alcazar

at the Alcazar

well it’s a new day… i woke up about 8-ish and got dressed and everything… jean louis came downstairs and reminded me again about the deposit (jeez, i know, i know!) and then showed me how to get to school (on the map). i dunno if he though i was going today or not but it’s a holiday. yay! i stopped at a cafe down the street for a cafe con leche and churros (churros!!). the churros weren’t quite like we know them at home… wayyyy too much oil for that early. can’t be eatin’ that shit in the morning. plus, there was no cinnamon! wtf. took a dry run to the school, and am so glad i did… the streets are so squiggly and confusing here. i made some notes so hopefully tomorrow i’ll find it ok. i like to think i have a decent sense of direction… after i found it, i headed toward the cathedral… everything’s actually all pretty close together, just looks confusing on a map. i walked around for a bit and then saw a huge line– decided to see what it was for. it was the Alcazar! oldest european palace. that’s exciting. of course, i went in. really pretty, that place. old school and lots of tiles and stuff… liked it. took lots of pictures… then i had a little lunch at a shop near the cathedral- got some red wine & paella (shrimp with heads! head-full shrimps!) and then



went to the cathedral itself. apparently it’s the third largest cathedral in the world and THE largest gothic one. pretty word-up, if you ask me! now i’m getting coffee and was HOPING to use the internet… but it’s a no-go again. this is gonna be harder than i thought. hmmm… i think i might try to go see some flamenco tonight. i think i’m gonna head back toward home, try to pay the guy his deposit (oh yeah! my card’s finally working! sweeeeet), drop off my backpack, and head out again. it’s about 3:30 and i don’t wanna waste time and this pack is heavy. guess i’ll leave the computer behind and just go galavant around.

[later that day]

sooooo! on the way back home i realized that all the great shopping i heard about here is pretty much right next to my house. so, plans changed. i came back to my room, transferred essentials to my day bag, changed into a sundress (it really is kind of hot here), and went *shopping.* wait. that sounds way more exciting than it actually was…. i went and got some groceries– some choco-muesli (!!), orange juice, cheese (baby bel!!), wassa crackers. essentials, you know, in case i can’t get food and feel like i might just DIE. unlikely though… there’s so much food around here, but really i feel so helpless, DAMMIT I NEED A PHRASE BOOK!!! i got those few things at the store and dropped them off at the room and then went on an abenteuer. i walked down Velazquez and Sierpes, two of the major shopping streets. went to the big department store El Cortes Ingles, tried on some stuff and found some really great bohemian-lookin’ stuff… must be the style for fall over here. then i went to Sfara, an H&M or Zara type store with cheap cute stuff. got a fun blue beaded necklace that was covered in silky fabric of some sort and a scarf (not that i’ll need one, it’s hot here!!). i did walk-throughs in C&A, Clockhouse, H&M, and a couple other stores (all of my Paris faves!!!). i am looking forward to the day i find… ETAM!!!! the love of my life. *sigh* i’d decided (after looking at my Let’s Go guide) to go to the flamenco performance that someone’d given me an advertisement for while standing in line for the Alcazar earlier today. it said doors opened at 8:30 and it was good to make reservations so i just decided to show up then and see what happened. i ate dinner near Velazquez at some random outdoor restaurant… i meant to order grilled salmon but for some reason said “entrecote” instead (steak). also a 1/2 bottle of vino tinto. whoops. 🙂 it was good though! my steak came with really garlicky cabbage (yum!) and fries. it was pretty aright. i was one of the first few there at the flamenco place and got a seat second row. i didn’t really know what to expect but i figured it had to be entertaining since it was such a big hit… i couldn’t make notes during the show (obviously), but here were my first thoughts (i love being able to make notes on my iPhone!!):

ummmmm…. eff life. i wanna be a flamenco dancer!! that shit is so fly! it’s like a spanish riverdance, or some sort of tribal step dance. soooo much feeling! all the claps and stomps! i wanna learn. and get a flamenco skirt. how awesome was that?! i might go to a show every night i’m here. they have them at enough places. it’s like a form of storytelling or something, i wish i could understand what she was saying, but the singing is totally like gypsy kings… mostly unintelligible. awesome, awesome show. looooooved it!!



so that was it for me. i wanted to find an internet cafe but i was on my way home from the flamenco place and decided it was best not to be walking around by myself in the dark like last night… only did that because i was EFFING LOST and wanted to get home. pretty nerve wracking, that was. so here it is, a little after eleven, and i’m calling it a night. best that i’m well rested for class (dang it i should have brought my spanish notebook from home!! aaaarrrrgggghhhhh i forgot EVERYTHING) in da mornin.





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