.::ich liebe españa!::.

14 10 2009

learning español seems easy but i am gonna be sad i only did one week of classes… it’s so easy that i could pick it up really fast if i were here longer… *SIGH* i don’t even know how much i’ll get to use it next week in my travels to madrid & barcelona. i really hope i’m motivated enough to put effort into learning at home… i need to find classes i can take there that i can do after work, or something, so i can keep up practice. or find people to talk with. i feel like this is a language i can stick with, and that i’ll probably use forever. one of the teachers today asked me if español was an official language in the US (or, the EEUU as they call it…?) yet. i laughed, but it was kind of sad too… that’s probably where we’re headed, eh? in that case, glad i’m learning it finally. now it’s off for more wine & tapas… i could certainly get used to this..! hopefully tomorrow i’ll wake up with the sun and do some exploring of sevilla & actually take pictures before class. stay tuned, darlings…

¡hasta luego!




One response

14 10 2009

i wanna take spanish classes!
looks like you’re having a buncha fun! jealous! 🙂

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