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14 10 2009

'cool isn't one way street.' i don't know what that means, but people wear it on shirts here.

'cool isn't one way street.' i don't know what that means, but apparently people wear it on shirts here.

sup, homies. well, i survived my first “real” day in sevilla. class has been good so far! it’s really frustrating that monday was a holiday, so really i’m only getting four days of class instead of five. also, we were led to believe that 15 lessons a week would be full days, speaking español the whole time… but no. i guess it translates to 25 hours, because we were split into morning and afternoon groups and (thank god!) i’m in the afternoon one. i have my “cultural” lesson from 1330-1430, and then our actual language lessons are from 1430-1615 and 1645-1830. either way, we got gipped out of monday’s lessons, so i doubt i’ll carry much away from this, but i’m really glad i did it. lemme tell ya something, my beginner beginner class has only four people in it– me and three peeps from the netherlands. that part’s pretty awesome because they all speak english… but, like with any beginner class, it’s going pretty slowly overall. apparently, my poquito italiano and the spanish i’ve picked up at work and other random places is a huge help, because i’m catching on a lot quicker than they are. ok ok maybe it’s also because of those few weeks i tried that spanish class at perimeter last summer… which i subsequently dropped out of, because the pace was too slow… hmmm. maybe i should have b.s’d my way in the the second-level beginner class with that british kid, sandy… it’s kind of bad, but i like knowing a little bit more and catching on quick. that way i don’t feel as dumb. but i bet i’d learn a lot more if i had to work at it. huh.

because i was in class all day i didn’t get to take many pictures… i was gonna go on a little adventure after class and eat some tapas, take some pictures, maybe see some more flamenco, but tessel & maurits, my hollandaise friends, wanted to go for drinks. why not? the other hollander, claartje (i know right… i thought MY name was hard… we call her clara in class) left to go play field hockey or something. also, she’s only 18 and gets to stay here til march. NOT. FAIR. so tessel, maurits, and i went down the road a bit to a plaza and sat at an outdoor table and shared (over the course of the evening) two bottles of rioja and a few tapas. it was really great; the weather was beautiful, the wine was good, and the conversation was fun too.

my classmates are funny; tessel is my age and from a bigger city in the netherlands; she works as a publicist for a theatre group there. she’s changing jobs so had some time off and decided to come study spanish. she speaks german, english, a bit of french, and now wanted to learn spanish and see spain. she’s here for two weeks and i’m so jealous. maurits is 50-something, a bit reserved, and he’s a writer for– get this– a cycling magazine. i had to laugh when i found this out. it’s for serious cyclists who could be competitive, or pro, but aren’t, for whatever reason. mmhmm. he was really lamenting the fact that he didn’t bring his bike with him to sevilla. for all of you wondering out there, no; he doesn’t shave his legs. yes, i asked! he also writes for a “dating website,” though he himself is not in a relationship; apparently, at 50 years old, all the women your age have “let themselves go” and he prefers younger women who still care what they look like. good for him, i guess, because his dutch-ness led me to believe otherwise. he was wearing tight knee-length jean cut-offs with a fluorescent yellow belt and a sleeveless shirt. i love people. life is so amusing.

tessel, maurits, & me

tessel, maurits, & me

the three of us sat for over three hours talking about the most random stuff– from politics to country differences to difficulties with the spanish language to our professions to relationships (we had our dating website expert to explain the merits of online dating to us). it made me realize how rare situations like this are in life, and reaffirmed my decision to go on this trip on my own. i still don’t like being by myself all the time, but i do like making my own adventures, feeling my way through life the way i want to, and not caring what people think. speaking of which, here’s a lil present from our other friend JM… can’t wait for the new album. all the haters can kiss it, this song is great.

hope y’all have a great day… i’m about to go to class, day 2! i finally found an español/ingles phrase book (even though it’s for españoles, it will still help out). dunno what i’ll do this evening… i’ll try to keep you posted. i just heard someone listening to “wake up” by the arcade fire and got sad that i won’t get to see where the wild things are when it comes out friday… whoever goes to see it let me know how it is!! i miss it already!! ok. really leaving now.






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