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15 10 2009

so i’m pretty sure the guy who’s house i’m living in used to be a matador, a) because i’m living in his study and there are certificates about “toros” everywhere, pictures of people (probably him) in a bullfighting ring, all kinds of books and even an encyclopedia set on bulls and bullfighting, and b) because there are all kinds of bull (and other animal heads) on the walls:

hello, friend!!

hello, friend!!

one strange thing i’ve noticed at my school…. and among the people there (students and teachers) in general: there’s a lot of re-wearing of clothes. sure i’ve only been there two days, but i think that makes it more noticeable! i saw one of my teachers with exactly the same top she had on yesterday. i wouldn’t even have noticed, but it was bright yellow. bright yellow. trust me on this one, homegirl… you’re gonna notice a bright yellow top two days in a row. then in my next class? rocio, another teacher, who’s really cool and always says “mmhmm?” as an interjection, when we would normally say “okay?” when talking… she was wearing the very same skirt she had on yesterday. different shirt, same skirt. a very noticeable thing, again, because a) it is a skirt, b) it still had chalk on it from the chalkboard from yesterday, c) it’s an odd type of skirt, black sweatpants material with some sort of strange fold-over tying mechanism that i don’t quite understand. like a yoga skirt. but i like it. so much that i noticed it again today. annnnd to top it off, my favorite little teacher so far, davide, who is also very cool but looks kinda funny, had on the same pants as yesteray. pants are very forgiving; i myself wear the same pants a lot day after day (is that gross?? i don’t think so; as long as they are clean… ish…) i guess i just noticed them because they had some really recognizable pockets and i was noticing everyone else wear the same clothes today. perhaps tomorrow i should wear the same sundress i wore today and see if anyone notices. hehehe.

i quite love the way my dutch friends speak english. it is, in fact, making me talk in the same way. kind of slowly, and enunciating, and using a lot of body language to communicate. remember cosetta? “boh?” of course you don’t– she was my first italiano teacher and she was so great. i loooooooved the way she talked, and i’ve copied her ever since. such expression! i wish i could be that way in real life. yeah, but here, with the dutch, i almost feel obligated to speak more clearly so that they understand me… tessel always imitates americans in a very southern way, when she does; “tawlk lahk theeyus.” she must have met some southern people along the way. boh?? 🙂 did i tell you i got a phrasebook today? the best part about it is that it’s for spanish folk so the phonetic pronunciations they spell out are priceless. here are a few of my faves:

spanish: estoy buscando a mi perro.
english: i’m looking for my dog.
phonetically: aim lukin fo mai dog.

spanish: te llevo a tu casa?
english: can i take you home?
phonetically: can ai teik yu joum?

spanish: puede traer cafe?
english: could you bring some coffee?
phonetically: cud yu brin sam cofi?

IMG_1197ahhhh i love it. shit cracks me up. after class today we went to have a drink again… but first decided to walk to the river since i’d never seen it, and, apparently, it’s pretty close to where i live, and we thought we could find a place to sit in the sun. by the time we made our way to the river the sun was almost gone, but we spent some time there. kind of like the neckar in heidelberg, with lots of green space and people on the grass. very nice. also, near the river, was some awesome graffiti. we finally settled on a place in a shopping center near the bus station not far from the river. they had, not tapas, but lots of montadilos, which i guess are like tapas sandwiches? their menu was like a sheet you fill out- checking off which montadilos you want and the kind of drink and everything. we each picked three montadilos and some patatas bravas (french fries) and a salad to share. plus beer and wine, of course. it was wednesday and everything was one euro, so really we lucked out. all that food was only 16 euros! craziness! we wanted more drinks but it would have been a long line to stand up and get more so we walked back toward the center. we ended up in plaza alfalfa & sat outside for another drink before going our separate ways.

the river...

the river...

we learned numbers in class today; that was kind of stressful. probably the most challenging thing so far 🙂 they are hard!! we actually got homework today and only have 2 more days before no more, so i’d better get on top of that. i wish i’d signed up for 2 weeks of lessons and just gone to madrid and stuff on the weekends. i know the logistics are off but i would have learned more and hang out with more people. *sigh* nbd, but you know how i like to lament. no matter what i do, there’s never enough TIME… 9 days to go. life (at home) seems so manageable, so “ok” from afar, while abroad… like i can actually stand it… while i know that in reality, i could stay here and never look back.

this morning i walked around a bit… to the plaza de espana and then along the river some before going to the museo de bellas artes. was about time for some culture 🙂 now, another day of class. let’s see what i can learn today…!






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15 10 2009

heehee!! you should spill something on your dress like coke in front of everyone and wear it again! see if they say anything! haha that’s too funny!

some is pronounced sam? uhhh…

hot guys?!

15 10 2009

um… yeah. and i’ve decided it must be a european thing… the dutch are into it. tessel is wearing the EXACT SAME outfit she had on yesterday but she added a pair of black tights. EXACT SAME. and maurits is on day 3 of the cutoff jean capris or whatever, and wearing the same top he had on TUESDAY. maybe *that’s* how people pack light…? the other girl, the one who’s 18 and doesn’t come out with us, is more fashionable. 3 days, 3 different outfits. like a NORMAL girl. like ME. 😉

as for “some”… picture a euro-accent. “sahhhm”. that’s how “sam” is pronounced here.

plenty of hot guys… NOT in my class, just passing in the street. none that i’ve actually met. *sigh* a paradox.

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