.::last day in sevilla::.

16 10 2009
haha!! look what *iiiiii* found!!

haha!! look what *iiiiii* found!!

i want to kick wachovia’s ass. i really effing do. who knows how much money i’ve spent calling them *INTERNATIONALLY* trying to access my own damn money in my own damn checking account. i am really effing pissed off right now…. yesterday, i was, once again, unable to get money out of an ATM. i really don’t understand why i should have to call wachovia every other day to confirm that yes, i am jamila meah, YES, i am in spain like i told you a month ago, two weeks ago, four days ago… and to please let me get to my own money. it’s ridiculous. i should send them my phone bill. or something. i had to spend almost and hour talking to people yesterday but finally my money is mine again. this kills me.

on a better note… spain is still beautiful and i can use my debit card to pay for stuff if for any reason i can’t get cash again. it’s just frustrating. yesterday was another lovely day… after i walked to plaza de espana (which was kind of a let-down after going all the way there) and went to the museo de belles artes i went to class. i feel better about learning spanish every day… i feel like i’m learning a lot… but at the same time it’s very frustrating not to have a lot of vocabulary. knowing how to make basic sentences is great but if you don’t know the word you want to use, you’re using a dictionary constantly. *sigh* practice, practice, practice. i’m still by far catching on the quickest which makes it, again, frustrating to have to move so slowly. oh well. i guess i just need to hire someone to speak to me only in español, then maybe i’ll be able to pick it up.

the only memorable thing from the plaza de espana.

the only memorable thing from the plaza de espana.

i bought some boots here, yesterday, at a store called Blanco; just some cheap, brown, comfy calf-length ones to wear with my dresses and stuff. love them, but wore them yesterday, and truly? sevilla is just too hot for boots right now. it was another day in the 80’s and i was wearing a linen dress and my feet were on fire. it’s supposed to be much cooler (and perhaps rainy!) in madrid, and even in barcelona next week. so maybe i’ll get some good use out of them… not too happy about the rain, but hopefully it’ll be scarce. dunno if i trust weather.com 🙂

what else? after class my dutch peeps & i went for drinks again… ahhhhh tessel. tessel wore the EXACT SAME OUTFIT as she did the day before. really? really tessel? is that how they do it in utrecht? aiyaiyai. maurits changed it up a bit; still the same jean cutoffs, but back to his shirt from tuesday. me, in something TOTALLY different, they must think i’m the odd one. three different outfits in three different days! ¡que extraño! hehe. whatevs. maybe that’s how you pack light for trips abroad… if so, i’m happy with my packing exuberance 😉 note to self: ordering una cerveza will get you like an 8 oz glass. like it’s OJ or something. a normal mug? jarra de cerveza. we didn’t eat together this time; so after drinks i stopped at an italian place for pizza… sausage & mushroom, favorite! of course, wine & coffee afterwards. then came my fiasco with wachovia.

jarra de cerveza! the little glass in the bkgrnd is the "normal" size

jarra de cerveza! the little glass in the bkgrnd is the "normal" size

this morning i got up around 730 and, after so many days here, i’ve decided that getting up early in spain gets you nowhere. no headstart on the day. most stores and museums and stuff don’t open til ten, maybe nine, so all i can do is take coffee and take pictures. not a bad start to the day, but when it comes down to it, i’d rather’ve slept in. i need to do a little *sevilla shopping* before class today, and, i’ve just realized, try to go to the train station and make a reservation for madrid tomorrow. i didn’t realize reservations might be mandatory on the high speed train… i’d forgotten about that 🙂 so i’m gonna walk there in a few minutes and hope it doesn’t take too long so i can make it back here for class..! last day… gotta cram all that last-minute española knowledge before i’m off on my own to the bigger cities.

i do love it here, and wish i had more time… i wish i would have known how great sevilla is, in my mind, and how nice it is to have class every day… to do it over again i may have come for three weeks, taken class the entire time, and traveled to the bigger cities on the weekends. maybe next time…?! so, off to find estacion santa justa! more later, perhaps.






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