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16 10 2009

¡hola chicos! this may be my last little bit of internet here for a while… there’s supposedly wifi at the hostels i’ll be staying at in madrid & barcelona, and of course there will be internet cafes & all, but you never really know, do you 🙂 so tonight i say goodbye to sevilla, in hopes of visiting again… hopefully in the bigger cities they’ll have a better concept of changing clothes. you’ll be happy to know that tessel wore something completely different today than she has all week, as did my professors! alas, maurits did not. same outfit from wednesday. “powwww.” tessel and i agreed that he’s a strange bird and that he’ll have a rough time capturing any of his “preferred” women… much much younger than he and “fine as hell.” our words, not his. i think we got his drift, yes? just so you don’t forget who i’m talking about, one more time, my dutch ones:





i’ve rather liked spending time at a school, meeting people and speaking in english when i need to… i think i’ll definitely miss that aspect of traveling alone when i go to madrid & barcelona. i think those cities will more be me getting up early, wandering around the city *all* day, and returning to the hostel just to sleep. fine with me, but may be a bit more lonely, now that i’m used to company… i’m about to go have a “last drink” with my dutch peeps before i head home to pack and get ready to go on my next big ¡aventura! i had quite a time earlier today, going to the train station to reserve for madrid… stood in two different lines where NO one spoke english and i had to mime (& kid-spanish) my way through asking how to make the reservation… finally got up there and (i’m 97.5% sure i did this right!) got a seat for the 9:45 train. there was a 10€ supplement, but that’s cool with me. *sigh* the next big obstacle? getting to the station… i thought would be an easy walk… thought wrong. i walked there from enforex (my school) today and it took over 20 minutes!! that, plus my huuuuuuge backpack, will be trecherous. i think i’ve decided to just take a taxi and deal with it. so against my rules 🙂 either way, i’m off.

¡hasta luego, my loves!




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13 11 2009

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