.::vebemos en los barres::.

17 10 2009

friday night:
because it was my “lahhhst” night in sevilla, tessel and i’d planned to go out for a last drink. we just assumed that maurits would follow. at some point, as i told you, it’d become understood between me & tessel that maurits was odd (well, i knew it all along, as would anyone at first glance..! it was more of an acknowledgment that we both recognized the fact). yes, after class every day he came with us wherever we traipsed off to, so of course he came with us tonight. during “internet time,” after i posted last,  they were both still on the computer so i went to that souvenir shop on c/mateos gago to get a few things for others & myself… then i returned for them and we decided to go to the alameda. that’s a place to the northwest of el centro, just a bit past where i lived, that is a big open area with a lot of bars along it. really nice! lots of young people out & about and lots of… TAPAS.

today in culture class we learned all about tapas! the origin of the word is from the verb taper, which means ‘to cover;’ long story short, many ages ago, people would cover their drinks (vino or cerveza, whatever) with a piece of bread or something to keep the flies out. so small pieces of food came to be known as tapas. make sense? saying it back like that makes it seem slightly ridiculous… but i swear that’s what she said!! 🙂 we learned about a few different types of tapas we might find in a typical place, and also she told us a few places that have good tapas here in sevilla on the cheap. hmmmm… woulda been better a few days ago i think! she also told us about typical tapas customs… you go for tapas usually after work or school with a group. however many in a group, that’s how many places you go. let’s say five people, you usually go to five different places. at the first place, one round of drinks, five tapas, everyone shares, one person pays. you all move to the next bar. one round of drinks, five tapas, everyone shares, next person pays. etc. no sitting down, usually standing at bar or at a tall table. sounds pretty awesome, right? i say we start doing that at home! even though… tapas are not as cheap at home as they are here, and you just can’t walk from tapas bar to tapas bar… hmm. gotta rectify that situation. but yeah, they’re ‘small plates’ so you just pick and choose, and usually cost from 1-3€ for normal ones in non-touristy areas.

the alameda area probably had 15 tapas bars or so… so we had many choices. tessel and i walked there from school and it took us maybe 15 minutes. maurits rode his bike (yes, dear lord, he rented a mtn bike) and had to find us. i think we were kind of hoping he might miss us? awwww no i’m just being mean. he’s a nice guy, just a bit odd. at the first place we’d ordered cervezas and a couple tapas by the time he found us, so we sat for a while & enjoyed the food. for the next round we went to las columnas, one of the places our teacher recommended. it was a place where you order at the window and the food comes out almost immediately… like fast food tapas! they were good but not great. it was here we tried the adobo, something our teacher was trying to describe in class, as a tiburón pequeño… tessel thought this was a ‘very small crocodile,’ the teacher was definitely describing something that *chomped*… and i didn’t bother to look it up mysefl.. til we decided to order it. they’d said it was very good, and a local dish. cool! come to find out (after eating it and deciding it couldn’t be a tiny crocodile because of color and texture), it’s some sort of shark. yep- tiburón = shark and it’s a type of that. not bad, not bad…

i was gonna leave around 11 and come home to pack but tessel asked me to have one more drink down the way… we ran into her french roommate (yay!) and talked to him for a bit (in english of course) and drank another cerveza before i really did go home. i was sad to leave tessel! little tessel actually wore a sundress today. it was an outfit i’d never seen, and i was so proud. we’ve had a lot to talk about this week and i will miss having her around, esp. next week when i am truly truly alone. ah well… we’ll keep in touch. speaking of saying goodbye, the title of this post (i hope i spelled it right…) means “see you in the bars” which is what our teacher said is a joking way to say goodbye indefinitely. it was our last day of class so instead of hasta manaña or hasta luego, she said ¡vebemos en los barres! i like it!

today, i’ve decided, was Dog Day in sevilla. everywhere i looked were dogs. everywhere! every day this week, i’ve seen maybe a couple a day. and no cats!! dunno what it is about today, but they were running wild, leash or no leash, and having the spanish time of their lives!! *sigh* i miss elphie.. baby girl! she would loooooove it here.

i just arrived in madrid… my hostel has wifi, yay! as you can see, i guess. i just settled in an unpacked a bit… the lockers are a bit smaller than i thought they’d be, and the room is small for 6 people. but, we’ll see how this goes. there’s a first time for everything. i left my little fun sevilla this morning, got my deposit back, took a taxi with a great driver guy that tried to talk to me in español and mixed a little english in but let me play with my new language. was fun! and we understood each other! that’s such such SUCH a huge milestone for me. i can understand some spanish now. wow. the train was good… i can’t believe security in spain. or maybe things have changed. but they check tickets before you even get on the train, and you have to put your bags through a scanner! oy ve. was fine though… i slept most of the trip (about 2 hours) since i went to bed so late last night. and what a hike from the train station to the center of madrid! wow. yeah may take a taxi back… that was a bit rough. a lot of uphill with my huuuuuge pack and my bookbag? i must have looked like a crazy woman. a crazy homeless woman 🙂 so! enough time on the computer. sorry, no pictures. maybe later… it’s a beautiful day and i’m gonna go explore madrid!

¡hasta pronto!




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