.::el rastro + el prado::.

18 10 2009

oyyyy my legs… did some walkin’ today!! had another lovely day in madrid, but i think my muscles are trying to tell me i need a massage. is there a massage envy here in madrid? wouldn’t that be nice… 😉 i could really use one. i guess we know the first place i’ll be going when i hit american soil!! it doesn’t help that i’m closing out the trip in hostels, either… it isn’t a four-star hotel. the matresses aren’t that great. plus i’m sleeping with my computer under my pillow, just in case 🙂 hmmm… also, i’ve decided, i’m just not a top-bunk kinda girl anymore. i used to crave a top bunk. and i loooooved my loft when i was in athens. but… maybe it’s just the noise involved with this bed. creaks a lot plus the ladder clanks when i climb up here. whatevs… doesn’t wake ME up!

el rastro

el rastro

 .::el rastro::.
i started off the day (well, my half-day) with the humongous weekly flea market called el rastro that takes place every sunday (and every holiday) here in madrid. it’s like one of those huge outdoor markets like you’d find in new york or paris (or provence!) where they sell everything from jewelry to fruit to leather bags to clothing to old dvd’s. some strangeness, but some of it is pretty ok. i was on the lookout for gifts to bring home and i think i scored some pretty alright stuff. i also finally found some gypsy pants!…. um, don’t laugh. i have seen people wearing these pants, they’re like pants made from a hippie/bohemian skirt or something… and i DEFINITELY wanted some. don’t ask me if they’ll look good on me, i’m not sure yet, but i like’em! it’s hard to explain or describe, but i’m just gonna keep calling them gypsy pants and leave it at that 🙂 i guess you’ll see, if i decide i’m brave enough to wear them back at home. the entire market was downhill, so at the end i had to hike back up. i guess the center of madrid is on a hill because every time i venture out, i always find myself on a hike back toward home. jeeeeez.

strange entertainment at el rastro

strange entertainment at el rastro


.::el prado::.
the prado museum is free from 5-8 on sundays, and i DEFINITELY wanted to take advantage of that… el rastro ended at 3 and i had a little lunch, calamares and sangria, while trying to get a headstart on planning for barcelona (didn’t succeed much there). mmm sangria! you’re still my fave, at the moment… walked to the prado after that, and after dropping off my purchases from the market. i got there right at five, and anticipated a line, but i didn’t know how long it would be!!


loooooooooooong line...

loooooooooooong line...

good thing i decided to brave it out (was seriously wrapped around two sides of the building), i decided i needed a bit of culture, and plus the prado was one of the main reasons i wanted to come to madrid on this trip… although the line was long, once it started moving it was fast. i was inside by 5:20. the place is huge, btw… not as big as the louvre, no no, but big enough that only jamila (on a jamila schedule) could have seen the whole place in 2.5 hours. but jamila was there today 🙂 i saw every room. i did a scan of the place, really, going to see all the big-name pieces i knew were there, but just kind of strolling through the rest. art museums are great to me, but i can’t spend hours lost inside of one… i have my limits. lots of goya, lots of velazquez, lots of… deathbed portraits? i couldn’t help but notice, there were a lot of those. didn’t realize it was such a popular subject. or maybe people took to their deathbeds pretty early on so they could get an entire portrait made and have the entire family gather ’round. 😉 hehehe but really, the prado was great. if i’d come in the morning, i may have stayed longer, but as it was, i left just about 7:45 as they were closing up.


peace out, prado...

peace out, prado...


the rest of this evening involved me hiking back to el centro… it was time for a bite to eat so i went to mercado san miguel (told you i’d be back!) to get a light dinner. i got some sangria and a few tostadas from the bocalao place… most of them had to do with bocalao (cod) and one was a cheesy biscuit/roll/thing like they have at fogo. you can see for yourself.

IMG_1445then i went and sat at the plaza mayor with my second sangria and took some night pics. after that, i pretty much called it a night, and here i am. there’s only so much you can do as a girl, by yourself, after dark, in a big european city 🙂

more plaza mayor...

more plaza mayor...

now i’m at the hostel and found out there are now 2 americans in my room. they’re both sleeping though… the girl said they have to get up at 5 or something. ah well. she found the plug for the tv and now we’re watching The Breakup… in español. wow. hopefully i’ll get up at a decent hour tomorrow and see lots (if my legs let me) on my last day in madrid. i think i’m gonna start working on getting some pics up on FB if i get the chance… i’ve taken a lot already…!






2 responses

19 10 2009
Queen Nadine

lol “peace out padro” me gusta!! it looks like you having a blast! man do i love street fests!

20 10 2009

hehehe yep the peace signs always make me laugh. me gusta mucho!! 🙂 and this street fest they have *every* sunday & holiday. i love it.

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