.::i think picasso was a little, how you say…*speshul*::.

19 10 2009

well, kittens, i’m packed and ready for barcelona after a long, productive, last day in madrid. i think i decided, along the way, that i could have spent less time here… i got everything checked off that i wanted to do, and then some. i had a much more restful night thanks to the glory of… earplugs!!! the first night i lost an earplug, and having just one does not decrease the noise. last night, complete with 2 bright orange foam thingies, i slept the whole night through. on the other hand, perhaps sunday nights are calmer than saturday nights. i got up around 9-ish, went to check out the included “breakfast” — typical — croissants, ham, cheese, cereals. not really my thing. it’s getting cold here… strange though. really chilly in the mornings, then totally hot if you’re in the sun. i hate having to carry my jacket around.




.::reina sofia::.
after i read in my guidebook that picasso’s
guernica is in this museum, i definitely wanted to go. glad i noticed that or i’d never have thought about going here. plus, it’s one of the few places open on monday in madrid… but actually there’s a lot of great stuff in this place i’d never heard of… a better museum to me than the prado, because it had a lot more modern-ish stuff and a lot of different kinds of things, as compared to the prado, which is very classic art. there’s a ton of picasso stuff in there, and he’s a fave. 🙂 personally, i think picasso was mentally disturbed, with all his random contorted cubism madness… but i happen to like cubism. it’s pretty close to my random abstract idea of art, anyway. found a couple new favorites… ever heard of joan miro? totally my kind of art– abstract, really bright primary colors. love it. or juan gris? he does some cubist stuff that reminds me of picasso, and i really liked it… there was also a bit of dali stuff there too. pretty awesome place. i spent almost 3 hours there… where does the time go?! it was really cool actually, there were a lot of elementary school classes on field trips and it was neat to see/hear the teachers explain these awesome paintings to them.

class time!

class time!

  .::palacio real, catedral de nostra senora de almudena, jardines de sabatini::.
after reina sofia, i walked back to el centro. finally got to have a bocadillo con calamares (i am still amazed at the size of the calamari here!!!) at a place where you walk up and eat at the counter, and i got water with it, and then proceeded to get made-fun of by the guy next to me. essentially he said, “water? with calamari? hehe… ok.” i was thirsty! what!! after lunch i headed towards the palacio real. this was a place not of a real interest to me because it’s just a government building. but i wanted to take pictures because, let’s face it, even government buildings here in europa are beautiful old things.

jardines de sabatini

jardines de sabatini


turns out, it was closed. i went next door to the cathedral de la almudena, another big pretty church, and took some pictures… then walked a bit further past the palacio to the jardins sabatini, just a big pretty park with lots of *shrubberies* and, today… a FRENCH BULLDOG!!! this little thing, called clara, came flying past me as i was entering the garden. well, flying as much as an f.b. can fly… 🙂 huffing and puffing away. what a cutie! she was a tenacious little one… her owner obviously didn’t have much hold on her. she wasn’t on a leash, to start, and then her first (and only) stop was the wading pool/fountain in the center of the park. yep, she jumped right in there, and was having a great time trying to get god knows what, just pawing around and snorting… her owner kept trying to get her to come out and she would just look at him. finally he just sat down and smoked a cigarette, figuring, like i did, that little clara would do what the eff she wanted, and come out when she was ready. ahhhhh i want one so bad!! a sister for elphie. one day.

hola, i'm clara & i like da water

hola (bonjour?), i'm clara & i like da water



nope, not getting out

nope, not getting out

eff this, the water feels good!!

i hadn’t had any coffee at this point, and, being 2-ish, i could feel it. i sat on a terazza and had two cafes con leche. mmmmmmm coffee 🙂 i guess living on non-stop coffee at home doesn’t train me well for the road. after that, i tried to get money out of the ATM. i wasn’t as surprised this time, but still super pissed– wachovia screwed me again. so there went another 20 minutes on the phone to get my damn card unlocked. i’m really, really mad about all of this. i took out as much money as i could after i talked to them, hoping i don’t have to deal with this again. my anger made me really want some chocolate & some retail therapy. off to el cortes ingles! the one-stop shop of españa. i got a chocolate eclair to calm me down (yes, they have them here! no, they’re not as good as in france!) and then wandered around looking for fun. ahhhh, the art section! i decided to indulge myself and get some art supplies. i got some watercolor pencils and a small watercolor spiral & some brushes so i could have a little art-time… then i went to the grocery part of the store to look around and ended up getting a nice selection of food, thinking i might have a picnic: mussels in a tin, some cheese, some tiny toasts, and some aceitunas (olives!). my plan was to open that bottle of wine i got in sevilla and have that for a dinner while painting. what *actually* happened was… i couldn’t open the wine with the bootleg corkscrew i have, so i ate my little foods in my room and then went out to paint. oh yeah, almost forgot! on the way from the store to my hostel, i saw a church and decided to stop in… turns out i walked in right as mass was starting. i decided to stay… does it count if it’s in a different language? (does it count if i haven’t been in forever anyway? :)) was only 20 minutes anyway. fast!!




.::hasta luego, plaza mayor::.
i went to say a proper goodbye to the place i spent the most time in madrid… the center of it all: plaza mayor. i set up shop along the edge with my painting supplies (don’t laugh at me) and just did a little bit… my talent is just as i remember it: non-existent 😉 haha, was fun though. saw a little flamenco as well… just in the middle of the plaza. i guess anyone can just show up & do their thing. i did a little souvenir shopping after that, found a fun little store called terra with handmade jewelry from the canary islands that was pretty neat… i was totally impressed by the girls that worked there. in the time i was there (like 10 minutes), i heard them all speak multiple languages, pretty fluently. english, spanish, french, german, portuguese… craziness. i wish i were able to do that 😦 jealous! i made a last stop at my little mercado san miguel too, for a glass of wine and a few snacks, including a plate of olives that could have been for 4 or 5 people. it was only 3€, i thought i could handle it… maybe not. i gave up halfway through 🙂



so that’s it for madrid! omg, i can’t wait to put all my pictures up so you all can see how beautiful spain is. *sigh* there’s a new group of kids in my room tonight.. i dunno where they’re from but i’m totally jealous. must be doing study abroad or something because they’re talking about going to all these places in europe… spain, africa, germany, austria, amsterdam, hungary… at first i thought they were high school, they look kinda young, but they wouldn’t be here alone…right? ahhhh to be in college again. i’d totally do a year (or at least a semester) abroad.

tomorrow i’m taking the metro to the train station instead of hiking it. i’m also taking advil & excedrin. now’s the time for the chemicals, people. the soreness is settling in. i’m excited about barcelona… hopefully we’ll have wifi again so i can keep in touch.






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19 10 2009

i LOVE picasso! the guggenheim in nyc has one of my favorites but unfortunately i CANNOT find a print anywhere. as for the frenchie…i’m in love as well. if i ever got one, i would definitely get that sucker insured…so many health problems for such a cutie pie! have fun in barcelona. looking forward to all your pictures =]

20 10 2009

haha!! i know it… they’ve got all kinds of issues, AND they’re effing expensive!! such is life. one day!! 🙂 i think they make the best noises. i love picasso too… i do think he was a bit mentally disturbed– how can you paint images like that and not be–probably why i do abstracts 😉

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