E&M: TakeOnlyWhatYouNeed: New Moon & Paramore!

2 11 2009

i decided, until i have another trip, i’ll just post my Eff&Music posts on here along with other random stuff… you know, treat it like a real blog. here’s my TOWYN from last week… will be followed by my tapas review from last week’s FunFoodThursday… and i’ll put my post tomorrow up here as well. enjoy! EVERYONE SHOULD BE LISTENING TO THE NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK!! IT’S AMAZING!!


james is back from spain!! that means you get something new this week. how’d ya like the rewinds? yes? no? maybe so?

this week, i wanted to give you a treat (not a trick), just in time for halloween, peeps… New Moon is coming out soon, and i can’t WAIT to see it. the soundtrack is already out, and you are gonna love it…! i’m really excited about the artists featured on this one. a lot of my little indie chickens make an appearance, as well as some artists from the previous soundtrack. apparently, Muse is one of Stephenie Meyer’s (the author) favorite bands, and she listened to them a lot while writing the Twilight Saga. they had a couple songs on the first soundtrack and have a song on this one as well. here’s the track listing:


Death Cab for Cutie (yes!!!!)Meet Me On the Equinox
Band of Skulls –
Thom Yorke
(of Radiohead)Hearing Damage
Lykke Li –
The Killers
(always a fave)A White Demon Love Song
Anya Marina –
Satellite Heart
Muse –
I Belong to You (New Moon Remix)
Bon Iver & St. Vincent –
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club –
Done All Wrong
Hurricane Bells –
Sea Wolf –
The Violet Hour
Ok Go –
Shooting the Moon
Grizzly Bear –
Slow Life
(yes!!! if you like interpol…)No Sound But the Wind
Alexandre Desplat –
New Moon (The Meadow)
Lupe Fiasco –
Solar Midnite (Bonus Track)
The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam –
All I Believe In (Bonus Track)
APM Orchestra –
Die Fledermaus (Bonus Track)

This. album. is. awesome. what’s really great about it, in my eyes, is that there’s so much great indie music featured on a soundtrack that’s geared toward (let’s face it) mainly teenagers. the popularity of this movie combined with the vast ‘unknown’ of this album is gonna do great things. it’s going to introduce all of these younger people to music that people don’t usually find until college, or after. it’s also going to bring greater popularity to the bands featured. i, for one, was really excited to see Death Cab with the first song. “meet me on the equinox” is a great, uptempo song (which, on this album, isn’t the norm; most of these songs are mellow and low-key, or “moodier,” as i’ve seen several people say, as compared to the previous soundtrack). i tend to gravitate towards their mellower tunes, but they’re a favorite of mine, so i’ll usually support most anything they do.

Thom Yorke (of Radiohead… this you should already know…) contributes a song that sounds a lot like it could be Radiohead, Bon Iver makes an appearance (if anyone should be picked for a mellow compilation, it should be them), the Editors have a song on there (anyone else here a fan? i love them! not so much with this song, but with their normal stuff, they remind me a lot of interpol, who are a total fave…) that kinda reminds me a little (not a lot) of (here’s a tangent) that dracula musical from forgetting sarah marshall… anyone else LOOOOOOVE that movie??, even Lupe Fiasco jumps in. awesome! i love it. sure, maybe we can argue that my love for the Twilight Saga itself is influencing my love of the music they chose for the movies, but i think, even if you view it separately, it’s a great set of songs. be sure to check it out if you get the chance, and GO SEE THE MOVIE in november! those of you familiar with the books will appreciate that the songs really match the tone of the movie. it’s a more somber, darker story than the first; and the music helps really spell out the mood. this song, from the first soundtrack, is one of my favorites, and you’ll see why in the music video.

so, the one band i’m disappointed not to see involved in this soundtrack is paramore. yeah, they had 2 songs on the first soundtrack, and yes, they just came out with a new album themselves & are currently touring (& i’ll be seeing them tonight!!!!), but i feel like perhaps i’ve identified the band with twilight a little bit. their song “decode” (above) from the first movie is an awesome song that i love, and aside from that, there’s something about paramore that’s a little dark and vampire-esque in itself. and then there’s hayley williams’ flaming red hair. actually i think it’s blonde right now. but yeah, i might be kind of obsessed with that hair. i am willing myself not to get red streaks this fall. just keep it one color jamesly! it’s hard 😦 but yes! tonight’s the night. paramore is on tour promoting their new album, brand new eyes. i was able to hear a few new songs from this album when they performed earlier this summer opening for No Doubt (that was one of my first eff&music posts!), but (regretfully) i haven’t gotten it since it came out. so tomorrow will be like an album release, for me 🙂 along with, hopefully, the old favorites. she’s only 20, but hayley williams has got an awesome voice and great stage presence. i’m excited to be seeing them again.

so, tuesday night, only about 48 hours after getting in from my long, exhausting journey from spain, i was back on track with my musical schedule. time for… paramore!! i absolutely love them. i’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but their talent, their energy, their edge, their association with *TWILIGHT*, and the sometimes-amazingly-red hair of lead singer hayley williams has me hooked. paramore has three studio albums and has been touring ever since they formed in 2004. the band members, who seem to have that magical *band chemistry* on stage, met at a private school in franklin, tennessee. hayley, who’s only 20 now, met brothers josh & zac farro in school and they, along with some other friends and neighbors, formed the band you now know as paramore in 2004. yes, the band’s name is a play on the word paramour, a word i love to use anyway, but ‘paramore’ is also the maiden name of  one of the bass players’ mothers. cool huh? i thought so.
tuesday's haley
tuesday’s haley

the first time i ever heard the band on the radio was when Riot was released, and i immediately liked the band’s emo/punk sound. i was super excited to see them open for no doubt in june of this year (maybe more excited to see them than no doubt! don’t tell anyone 🙂 that was one of our first blog posts here at eff&music… check it out!) and they put on such a fantastic show that i jumped at the chance to see them on their own tour this fall.

IMG_2424paramore played a packed show at the tabernacle tuesday night, followed by opening bands The Swellers and Paper Route. we missed The Swellers, actually, and caught the last few songs from Paper Route. i actually really liked them, and will definitely be looking them up! they were kind of an alt/emo/pop/synth kinda deal, and i really liked their vibe. when it came time for paramore, all i could think about was if hayley’s hair would be that awesome firey red i love… but no. just a blonde this time. *sigh* her voice is definitely back up to par… earlier this month she had some laryngitis issues and they had to postpone a few shows.

IMG_2418i don’t have a setlist for you because i’m not that awesome… but i will tell you, they played all of their popular songs from the first two albums, plus a good number from their latest release, brand new eyes, that just came out a few weeks ago. they definitely played “ignorance,” their new single, right off the bat; “misery business,” “that’s what you get,” “crushcrushcrush,” and the two songs from the Twilight soundtrack: “decode” and “i caught myself.” all my faves!!! it was an amazing set, and it was great to be up close & personal with the high-energy group. it’s amazing to me how that girl can headbang and still get those powerful notes out, in tune! loooooove it! i made a promise to myself that, by the next time they come to town, i’ll have listened to all of their albums so that i can sing along with more songs. they are awesome! check’em out next time they come by.







4 responses

23 11 2009
Victor Slezaki

I just watched New Moon and I must say that I am not as happy as the first one. Even though more money was put in, it still didn`t wow me. Firstly, I thought that the scenes were slightly choppy and under developed. Secondly, they needed to spend more time on the scripts, coaching the actors and finding less distracting hair and makeup. Although this won’t hurt the die hards, it may hurt the retention of the newbies. I will say that I did enjoy the music and after I came home, I did download the soundtrack. You can listen to the entire soundtrack here: http://sharecash.org/download.php?file=142979. Anyways, I will see the next movie, but am disappointed in the second in the series.

26 11 2009
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29 11 2009
Jacob Black

Just loved all of the books. Great characters and a familiar story of intence love against the odds. I have recently seen the films. Brilliant… beautiful young stars, great cinematics and a sound track that rocks!!! Cant wait for Eclipse, so i’ll just have to reread the book…

25 02 2010
Bette Tagliente

That was intriguing . I like your style that you put into your work. Please do move forward with more like this.

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