.::it’s fall!! time for another *random depressing* playlist::.

4 11 2009

welcome to the world, little november. we greet you with chilly fingers and toes & lots of hot chocolate. wait, what am i saying? EFF hot chocolate. i need a soy latte! ahhhh november. that month of months, where everything changes. november, to me, is a time when you get ready, get set & GO fast forward to holiday season. which, by the way, happens to be my absolute most FAVORITE time of the year. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! starting with halloween. too bad that’s just one day. but after that (i.e. NOW) it’s full speed ahead to thanksgiving, christmas, and new year’s. so excited!! i’m sure i’ll be going crazy with holiday stuff soon enough, but for now, let’s enjoy, while we can, *fall things.*Autum Leafs(1)

fall, to me, is this mystical, magical time of the year that sometimes doesn’t exist in beautiful GA… there’s this very tiny window of time when the leaves change and the weather gets cool (but not freezing cold) and you can go hiking and camping and silly stuff like that. unfortunately for us here, it usually doesn’t show up til late october and early november, and only lasts a couple of weeks before the wintery BLAHS set in. that’s what i hate. so i’m gonna enjoy *fall-ness* while i can.

so what the eff am i talking about, you might be wondering? i went for a long hike yesterday at kennesaw mountain (starting to LOVE that place!) and listened to the New Moon soundtrack (which we talked about last week). on repeat. as i’ve been doing pretty much non-stop since the last time we talked about it. yes, it’s that good! it’s even better this week than it was when i was introducing it to you. i’ve gotten to know the songs pretty well (a couple in particular more than the others) and they’re starting to feel like home. yes, to me, my musical home in the fall is for indie emo goodness. i don’t know what it is about the fall, the season changing, mindset changing, a yearning for something different… but my love for depressing music comes hot & heavy to the forefront of my life, this time of the year. in short, the New Moon soundtrack couldn’t have come to me at a better time. check out Anya Marina’s “Satellite Heart” and The Magic Numbers’ “All I Believe In” if you’re lookin for some goodness. those are my two faves, even though there’s not a single song i dislike on the whole album. they’re all deliciously depressing & a bit heart-wrenching as well.

i’ve explained my love for depressing music to people before. some get it, some don’t. i’m not a “depressed” person; quite the opposite. i’m a pretty happy-go-lucky kind of girl with a bit of a shadow over her soul. i love everything about life in general, but there are some things in MY life that i don’t love; things that i wish i could change but can’t. “depressing” music helps me deal with these things in my own little way. there’s nothing that cheers me up more than singing a ridiculously heartbreaking, tear-jerking song at the top of my lungs. i guess it’s cleansing. it’s like medicine, or therapy. maybe it’s the fact that, after being a part of such a depressing song, i realize my life is better than that person’s. i solve all of my problems with music. ok ok… and sometimes a little alcohol too 😉

so, as a *happy fall* gift to you, here’s my top 20 songs for your own jamesly signature random depressing playlist (you have to understand, i make a playlist by this name about once a month… but i’ve included some old favorites to make this more well-rounded). if you’re like me, you’re gonna love it. if you’re already against the idea of it, i challenge you to listen anyway. you might change your tune once you get in the mood. some of these are mellow, some of these are a little different, and some will have you grabbing a tissue. if you’re like me, some of them will make you smile, and make you feel just a little bit stronger than you were before you heard it. so, my precious little effs, take a deep breath, press play, and feel better already!! it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life…. and we’re feelin good 🙂

.::random depressing, nov 2009::.

i’ll spare you the commentary, because i could go on and on with some of these explaining why they do so much for me… but if you wanna talk about them, or know why i picked a certain one, there’s a big wide open comment section at the end of this post. have at it 🙂

the king of random depressing music.

JB: the king of random depressing music.

jeff buckley – lover you should’ve come over
death cab – lack of color
kate nash– nicest thing
john mayer – 3×5
fleetwood mac
– silver springs
jeff buckley
– last goodbye
death cab
– transatlanticism
third eye blind – motorcycle drive by
dave matthews
– baby blue
bright eyes – happy birthday to me
indigo girls – love will come to you
kt tunstall – silent sea
dave matthews
– #40 (yoshi’s version)
john mayer
– gravity
sufjan stevens
– to be alone with you
tori amos
– pretty good year
anya marina – satellite heart
counting crows
– anna begins
yeahyeahyeahs – maps
iron & wine – flightless bird, american mouth
arcade fire – wake up
my chemical romance – helena
the cyrkle – red rubber ball
colin hay
– i just don’t think i’ll ever get over you

you’re welcome. jeff buckley… *SIGH* 🙂 looooooove him! had to throw a video in there for ya. ok, so the list’s not a top 20. and they’re not in any particular order. but you get my drift… and you’ll thank me later. i expect to see big smiles on all your faces after all these sad songs. have a great week! 😀






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27 11 2009
Fischler Kassie

Hi , it is Thanksgiving Day! I’m happy with my extra day off, and I am planning to doing something fun that will probably involve a car trip and seeing something new in Lake Lucerne I haven’t seen yet.
You write something new at Thanksgiving?

5 02 2010

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19 02 2010

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22 02 2010
col brakey

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