.::finally, eb&j are back!::.

20 11 2009

so I decided, very last minute, to come see New Moon tonight, since we’re going to augusta tomorrow right after I leave work… I’d originally decided to wait til the weekend so I wouldn’t sleep-deprive myself any more than necessary, buy quickly realized that i didn’t care & that the mild competitive streak in me reallllllly wanted to see it when everyone else was. *sigh*

so here I sit, in theatre 9 at AMC’s Parkway Pointe (thankfully only 5 minutes from my house), after a nice (& needed) 4 hour nap right after work. got up about 10:15, showered, packed a bit for the *augusta abenteuer,* then headed out. filled the gas tank, got a red bull for the road (& of course my signature movie pkg of diet coke & m&ms) and came to the theatre. it wasn’t that crowded, ppl jus starting to trickle in, so I’m camped out & waiting.

time to read for a bit & wait 40 more minutes to goodness. yay!





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