jamesly’s back…!

30 01 2010

well that was a nice little break from life for a while… 2 months! but i promised myself i’d write more FOR myself this year than i’ve been doing, although i loooooove writing my Eff&Music stuff, that seems to be about all i’ve had time for lately (aside from work & my random travels). so! i wanted to tell you about one of the great abenteuers i have planned for this year…

.::coachella :: april 16-18, 2010 :: indio, california::.

have you ever heard of this awesome, awesome event? coachella is an annual massive music fest, comparable to (what those of us on the east coast know more about) bonnaroo. coachella was first held in 1999, skipped a year in 2000, and has been going continuously every april since 2001. i’ve heard lots more about festivals like bonnaroo over the years (being closer to where i live), and never thought i’d get the urge or the opportunity to go across the country to something like coachella.

since, in the past few years, i’ve been doing so much more traveling for music, i’ve discovered a whole new world! i can see dave matthews practically whenever i want! i can go on music cruises with some of my favorite artists! i can go to music festivals in california! 🙂 pretty word-up, if you ask me. and this year’s coachella happens to feature some of my favorite indie acts, along with musicians i’ve heard of but never thought i’d go see live. there are so many different acts each day that i know i want to see… this’ll be tough. add to that full schedule (and the stress that some of my bands may be playing on different stages at the same time) the fact that we’ll be in desert heat during the day with millions of people and no shade, and (the best part) we’ll be camping (!),… this will definitely be some kind of abenteuer.

if you’re wondering who i’m interested in seeing at coachella… let me just break it down for ya. there are so many i want to get a taste of… of about 40 different acts each day, there are at least 15 i want to see. i’ll be posting updates as the trip grows closer, so for now i’ll just give you my top five that i’m excited about.

my best little french friends! love them. they’ve grown so much in popularity in just the past year that it’s practically criminal. wolfgang amadeus phoenix is an amazing album, a definite ‘press-play’ that i could listen to over and over again. i saw them for the first time this past summer and they definitely didn’t disappoint. and plus, they’re all cute and french and stuff. sunday 4.18

.::vampire weekend::.
crazy ivy league indie boys and their crazy ivy league indie strangeness songs. these guys just released their sophomore album contra a few weeks ago and it’s as good (if not better) than the first. i love their witty lyrics and paul-simon-esque melodies that make me crave the beach. i’m actually going to see them at the tabernacle in atlanta a few weeks before the festival, and so excited i’ll get to see them again here. friday 4.16

.::passion pit::.
ahhhhh passion pit!! i love you so much! if i could write a love letter to any band, i’d write it to these boys. (nope, not dave as you would imagine. i love him anyway.) but passion pit?! there’s never been happier music. any song i hear by them instantly brightens any glum gloomy day. it’s just fun, happy pop music with scream-along lyrics and feelings of hope attached. i can’t wait to dance around and just be deliriously happy when i see them. in a pit of passion!!!  friday 4.16

.::local natives::.
have you listened to “airplanes” yet? awesome song. one of my favorites in rotation right now. i’m excited to see these guys because they are fairly new to me and because i’ve been dying to see them live since i first heard them. i just hope they aren’t placed on some side stage at the same time one of the larger acts i want to see (read: PHOENIX) is playing the main stage… sunday 4.18

ooooh mgmt! you and your sexy quirky music. “electric feel,” “time to pretend,” and “kids” have to be some of the best songs i’ve heard in years. even thought i’ve heard that mgmt isn’t as great live as they are on an album, i don’t really care. live music is kinda my thing and i’m excited to see them anyway. who else gave me my mantra? control yourself. take only what you need from it. i cannot wait to do exactly that at coachella this year. saturday 4.17

well, kittens, it was great talkin to ya… hope we get to hang out soon. and i’ll keep you updated on this coachella madness!





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