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1 02 2010

so who watched the grammys last night?? that must be my favorite awards show of the season. well, i usually love all of the ones that have to do with music… but for today, we’ll call last night a *favorite.* not only was my boy dave matthews nominated for two big awards, he also performed his latest single “you & me” with an orchestra of kids in “grammy camp” (yeah i dunno). he calls the single a “tiny little song” that he came up with while he and his wife and kids were floating around a lake in upstate new york. so perfect, right? and last night, he made this “tiny little song” huge on stage. it was a pretty awesome performance (complete with dave’s awesome, strange, sporadic, crazy dancing…i love to watch him dance!!). i was so proud, even though green day and taylor swift won the grammys in his two categories. ah well! next time! phoenix won best alternative album… that was huge! their album is just so great and i’ve got mad love for them in general, so it was nice to see them get recognized… even though theirs wasn’t announced on live TV. all of the performances were pretty word-up… i enjoyed pink’s trapeze water-sprinkler madness, and really thought green day’s broadway stuff was cool… who knew they were getting their own musical?! sheesh… i really enjoyed the last performance with drake, travis barker, eminem, & wayne. they were all awesome.unfortunately i was up late watching that and i’d slept in anyway so i wasn’t really tired… so what happened this morning? i turned my bitch of an alarm off and overslept. yayyyyy me!

in other news, i’ve been easing back into workout world. and by easing back, i mean i’ve actually started working out again 🙂 it’s been a while since i’ve been on a regular schedule (given the holidays and all) and i finally gave in and freed myself from my waaaaay-too-expensive (but really freakin awesome) gym, so i’ve been doing other things, like walking by the river or going up kennesaw mountain. i started doing yoga again after the new year (oh how i’ve missed it!!!) and just this past week (as part of a review for eff&music, actually) i did a couple of pilates classes at a studio in the highlands. it’s been fun! i can reaaallllly feel my abs and back muscles today, which can only mean one thing… 🙂 i’ve got work to do! i’m pretty sure i’ll never have love for pilates like i do for yoga, but it’s a really great workout. if you’re looking for a cheap, small class, the girls who teach at seminole studio are very good & patient teachers. i’ve done a little pilates before but it’s still kind of hard and they were super helpful. check them out if you dare! only $10! seminole studio (located at 675 Seminole Ave, NE, Atlanta, GA 30307; phone 678-576-9553) also has a number of other classes including yoga, zumba, & other types of conditioning & cardio things. they have a “passport” package where you can get discounted classes, or you can pay individually. the pilates schedule can be found here and you can actually read shaniah’s review on eff&music today. check’em out!

as for me, i’m looking forward to getting out of work and doing something outside, finally. it’s always effing raining. but yeah… embarking on my first ski trip EVER this weekend (to aspen!) and yes, i’m actually going to attempt to ski, so i’m excited about getting ready for that. except for the packing. packing is always the worst. i’ll do my best at updating during the trip so you can see my klutzy self trying to stay alive in the snow… can’t wait to entertain ya! have a great day, my loves… happy (early) groundbug day, i hope spring comes soon… and for those of you who are even half as excited as i am about LOST, enjoy watching tomorrow!!! w00t!!





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