.::dear john::.

18 03 2010

dear john mayer,

hey you cutie. thank you for reminding me why keep you at #2 on my love list. you were, last night (as always) an amazing performer. i’m captivated by the way you handle a guitar. and i love the way you treat a crowd. i don’t think you’re 100% douchebag (as some so beautifully put it), and i appreciate your humility, even if it’s not 100% genuine all the time. seeing you play last night… not only songs that are popular for you on the radio, but old school awesomeness that made me love you in the first place, songs you wrote here in this beautiful city, made me realize that you think about who you’re playing for each day, and i appreciate that. i remember when you were just a guy with a guitar who would play the smaller side of music life and love every minute of it as much as you do now. i know that look that you get on your face when you’re playing, the look i used to think was silly and strange to see instead of a smile, but it’s a good look for you. i love seeing someone so talented who is so into the music- music that you wrote and came up with based on your own experiences. that’s truly a rarity these days.

given the past few years of super-stardom and brushes with greatness (becoming a celebrity will do that, i guess), your ego may have gotten a little bigger than we all expected. or maybe that was a part of you all along. who’s to know? it is what it is, and you are who you are. your comments that angered so many people in the past month, well, they didn’t phase me in the least. i expect craziness to come out of your mouth at any given time. i guess i have the experiences of the mayercraft carrier to thank for that… your candidness and logorrhea (look it up, peeps) may have surprised me at first but now i just take it in stride. your music, your words, your heart-songs make up for anything that might disappoint.

i realized something else last night… you’re getting to that point, man. you’re reaching dave-status (in my eyes) in the fact that, you have so many great songs, so many old songs, that i may never hear you play on stage again at these arena shows. but then again you might surprise me. who knew you’d play my “st. patrick’s day?” thank you. love you for that. it seems to be my theme song, anyway. 😉 i guess there was always a chance since yesterday was The Day… but really. you never play it. also, “my stupid mouth!” favorite! i haven’t heard you play that in a while. but aside for those two rarities, i realized (with sadness) that there are some favorites you might never pull out again. sucker. 3×5. love song for no one. clarity. back to you. neon. stuff like that. i love those songs! miss them! i really hope you bring the cruises back, because being with you in that environment is probably the most accessible you’ll ever be, and gives the greatest chance for throwbacks.

they’re badmouthing you on the radio as i write this. it sucks to hear people talk bad about you, but i guess it’s bound to happen at some point. i still love you, and i think your hardcore, home-base fans still love you. most of the people at phillips last night loved you. no worries. keep doin’ your thang. we’ll see you next time. (summer, right? can’t wait!)

quote of the night: “I’m getting my next girlfriend at the Source Awards!”

with love,
from back in the day,




2 responses

18 03 2010

Really was a good show (even without edge of desire)! The source awards comment was hilarious especially since they don’t have them anymore (right?) Hahaha! Anyway, I still think he was genuine when addressing the crowd. Like I said last night, seeing him on stage is what reminds me of why I like him – not the douchebaggery i saw on the cruise or hear in interviews. One word “gravity.” Nuff said!

18 03 2010

ya man! agreed! on the radio today the dj was saying that she didn’t like the show, it was boring, and that franti totally upstaged him. ugh! wanted to smack her… maybe she likes jumping and waving her hands in the air 😉 lol i really liked the show even though it was missing half the playlist i requested from him. through telepathy. he didn’t get the memo. ah well. just glad i have my private concerts saved up to watch whenever i want 🙂 GRAVITY!

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