today i love: april, paris, twittertainment, LOST, & free music

1 04 2010

sometimes i really want to say more than what i can fit on twitter (without being annoying), and more than people will care to read on facebook. but really whatever i post, they’re more just snippets of my life, things i love or things i’m thinking about. perhaps i’ll try to do this on the regular here instead of putting so much of myself out there on the other interwebs that we weave. so! without further ado. i welcome you to the first edition of:

.::today i love::.

APRIL. because with it comes memories of april fool’s & (even better) april surprise! also april brings us the most music in a month i will ever experience. tonight it all begins with third eye blind. the rest of the month will bring us janelle monae, vampire weekend, the awesomeness of coachella (see for all of my preview posts), my morning jacket, phoenix, and guster. this month also brings us AAAA, our annual anesthesia conference. usually at the beach. this year in savannah. you’d think that means we’ll be more tame… i think it will be more of a drunk-fest than in years past. god help us & pack the IVs. the weekend after that is coachella, and aside from the musical part of that fiasco, there will also be the joy of camping, and the joy of flying to california with camping supplies. the joy of probably not showering. the joy of possibilities of dehydration and heat stroke if i’m not careful. the *real* joy of hippie-communing-it for a weekend in the desert and taking home experiences i won’t have again (until june = bonnaroo). exciting! april rocks. in addition to all of THAT madness… april also brings amazing warm weather and a ton of late day sunshine that i can’t get enough of, giving me time to get to know the outdoors again and breathe in the fresh air. well, enough about april. we’ll get to live through that for the next 30 days.

PARIS. well, if you know me, you know i always love paris and am forever trying to plot my way back there. spring always makes me crave europe, and trying to forgo a huge trip this year, i know it’s gonna hit me hard. i’m trying to distract myself with music, y’all! but i found this lovely gem the other day and was enthralled. i guess if you can’t be there, this might be an ok substitute until you can get there. check out PARIS 26-GIGAPIXELS, a huge hi-def panorama of my favorite city. super cool. not street level like a google earth stalk session, but if you wanna see some monuments and feel like maybe you’re flying low over the city, click on the link. just make sure to turn off the sound unless you like being serenaded by cheesy french accordion music. awesome while you’re sitting in a french cafe. not awesome while you’re stalking paris via the internet.

TWITTER[TAINMENT]. like… nick holmes. somehow this tumblr guy went from super annoying to super entertaining. i used to love FAIL blog and then moved on to engrish funny but after a while, even those became too much for me to keep up with. now i have twitter to thank for alerts all day to his posts. they’re usually funny pictures with even funnier captions, but it’s along the same lines of FAIL blog. an example of the silliness?

they see me floatin'. they hatin'.

’nuff said. pure silliness. my other favorite thing he does is have… what can i call them… silly picture fights?? with random ppl. someone will send him a picture saying “this is you.” and he’ll find a better one and post it: “well this is you.” anyway, follow him on twitter @narcissusholmes or just visit his site. you’ll love it too.

LOST. does that really surprise you? best. show. ever. and the best internet following i’ve ever been a part of. a little less than 2 months until the end of it all (after which i simply don’t know what television will mean to me). until that day comes, my tuesday nights are booked and my wednesday mornings are all-consumed with the two LOST blogs i adore the most. if you’re a fan of the show, or even just watch it to be able to have something to talk about with co-workers (yes, yes, i know people who do it for that reason only… weirdos), you’ll wanna read these for at least a good laugh.

  • Lost and Gone Forever. the guy who writes this blog could make it his full-time job. each week he does an episode preview, breaking down guest stars, episode description, and what he thinks might happen that week. after the show tuesday night, he does an “instant reactions” post… notes, really, for the super huge analysis of the episode he does the weekend after. whew! i do not envy him, but i love what he has to say. helps a lot.
  • The Lost Blog. i started reading this one years ago when i spent most of spring in europe (ahhh to be young again…) and missed half a season. mac, the guy who rights this one, is pure comedy with his recap of the show– just a recap, mind you– but it’s the comment section that will really take you there. over 200 comments each week with some of the most insightful people making observations about the overall mythology of the show. gotta love that. go learn you somethin!

DAYTROTTER. i just found this site. just found it. and it’s already consumed me. daytrotter is an amazing piece of awesomeness on the internet that gives you music, for free, from some of your favorite unknowns (& knowns) in the music world. most of my indie favorites can be found there. most mainstream peeps cannot. use daytrotter to listen to raw, uncut versions of songs you don’t know by people you may have only heard of. you will absolutely adore it. read my TOWYN from last week where i wrote more about the site & then go download my top 5 of recommendations (FOR FREE!! are you getting this??) for your virgin ears…

so, happy april. enjoy these little gifts from yours truly. hope you have a great weekend & a happy easter coming up (meat!!!). we’ll talk soon. i’m workin on a post that might explain, well, everything about my little life right now.





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