//how am i supposed to pretend/i never wanna see you again//

9 04 2010

why, oh why, did my dad move to georgia?? i mean, had he stayed in brooklyn, or maybe moved somewhere else in the northeast, maybe (just maybe!) i could have been a cool prep-school kid too. maybe i could’ve vacationed at cape cod. maybe i could’ve had a closet full of madras and seersucker fun. *sigh* instead, i’m relegated to going to vampire weekend shows and feeling wistful as i leave, wishing to be among the privileged.

last night the prep school boys of v-dub came to visit us at the tabernacle (on ezra koenig’s birthday! w00t!) for an awesome, awesome show that was easily the best show of the year so far. me & shaniah actually got there at doors and (even though there was a line wrapped around the block) got awesome balcony seats (i’m short & though i love the floor i always get stuck behind tall guys… what gives?) and settled in to wait for *FAVORITES!* we got tour shirts (of course) and our token yuengling-in-a-can and proceeded to get amped up for the dance party. i was entertaining myself the entire time by watching the place fill up and making note of what everyone was wearing. there were a lot of thumbs up and a lot of disappointments. plenty of boys dressed the part in their madras, polos, and boat shoes… loved that! who knew there were so many good looking preppy boys in the ATL?! we gotta have vampire weekend come back more often! (i sing you to me!!) one guy wore his sunglasses the whole time. (no ma’am.) there was also a guy with bright red curly hair (á la The Flying Tomato) wearing a sweat band. a little out of place. loved that. didn’t love that he wormed his way right up front, probably ruining some poor short girl’s view. but, to my comfort, there were plenty of peeps in jeans and tshirts, so i didn’t feel so bad. i mean, it was cold outside!! can’t be wearing my sundresses in april!

i had so much fun though, y’all… the opening band, abe vigoda, who label themselves as “tropical punk” and sound a little too much like morrissey, were “just ok for me dawg” and had a bit more noise than melody going on. my boys finally came out on stage a little after nine and it. was. awesome. they were just adorable in their skinny jeans and white sneaks. their huge contra girl was up on stage behind them (and she had freaky glowing eyes) and they had fun chandeliers and silver glitter drums! we were saying they could probably play their entire catalogue and not take more than an hour and a half or something… they almost did! only 2 songs were left out, can you believe that?! but they definitely played my top effing five and made my heart sing. we had an awesome dance party up on the balcony (me & shaniah, anyway… the people on the floor def were having more fun than the people sitting around us). i don’t think i stopped dancing (or fist-pumping: encouraged) the entire time. it was great times and they got me very excited to see them again next weekend at coachella. w00t!!

i’ll just give you a list of songs they played (not in order), in case you’re interested, and you can proceed to be jealous:

+ mansard roof + oxford comma + a-punk + cape cod kwassa kwassa + m79 + campus + bryn + one (blake’s got a new face) + i stand corrected + walcott + horchata + white sky + holiday + california english + taxi cab + run + cousins + giving up the gun + diplomat’s son +

such a great show! had to share! headed to savannah this weekend for AAAA with my anesthesia peeps. gettin’ crunk on river street… again. wish me luck! more soon!




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