.::Coachella: The Recap::.

4 05 2010

yes, i’m stealing this from my post i wrote for Eff&Music. no, i don’t really care. two birds, one stone. you know this!

friday - outdoor stage

so, coachella was great. not sure if i’ll ever be able to put into words how much i loved it. my first ever music festival of that caliber, i’m sure i’ll be comparing everything else to it from here on out. if you’ve been following TOWYN, you know a lot of the bands i’d planned to see there. i ended up seeing a good number of those bands, as well as a bunch i’ve never even heard of. i tried to see as much music as i could possibly fit in those three days, in addition to getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and staying out of the sun. there was, surprisingly enough, really awesome food to be had (read: purchased), including lots of stuff with an “organic” label, lots of fresh fruits & veggies at a farmer’s market, huge slices of pizza, falafel (!), funnel cakes, and yummy stir fry.


i guess i was prepared for hot dogs and hamburgers and other fair-type food, so this was a welcome source of energy. water was not as hard to come by as i feared– purchased a nalgene-type bottle for $12, which allowed unlimited refills of filtered water (even though it was not cold), that definitely saved my life a few times. luckily bonnaroo allows camelbaks so i’ll be safe from dehydration there, too. the sun was the major problem at coachella… not a lot of shade to be had. there was one area that had a ton of misters and a fair amount of shade, and that place was packed all the time. during daytime shows at the larger stages, you were pretty much a target for sunshine. luckily i decided to randomly bring a sun hat with me. glad i made that choice. probably helped save my life along with the water.

the three smaller tents were a god-send when the sun got to be too much. out of the shade, with music you may or may not have heard of, this is where we spent a lot of the daylight hours. camping was not as bad as it could have been. having a car right next to the tent was a WIN in itself. storage space, shade, privacy, music. you name it. the tents were, unfortunately, little greenhouses. good for sleeping, but not much else. we found out later that this year’s weather was a bit on the cool side for coachella. ha! it was hot as balls!

in terms of music (ahhh, music!), we were hard-pressed to make it to every show we were interested in. first of all, with five of us basically traveling in a pack, it was hard to decide on something we all wanted to see, and as much as i tried to be strong and independent, it was rare that i was willing to go off by myself to see a band when everyone else was headed in different directions. especially at night. i think i hit my highlights though, and i only have a few regrets. of the bands i missed, i’m hoping i’ll get the chance to see them at bonnaroo or somewhere else in the future. i’m just happy that i got to see as much as i did in one weekend! when else besides one of these awesome music festivals will i be able to pack in 28 shows during three days?!

the dream team... shade break!

so, here’s the short list of what i saw:

FRIDAY: Deer Tick, The Avett Brothers (soooo great, so much fun!), She & Him (Zooey Deschanel is just too cute), Passion Pit (favorite!!! can’t wait til they’re in ATL in june), La Roux (only saw a little bit of this one. major crowds.), LCD Soundsytem, Vampire Weekend (would have been a favorite if they’d been able to play their whole show… somehow their one-hour set seemed a lot shorter than everyone else’s one-hour set 😉 ), Jay-Z (awesome show! he played all the hits, and of course, brought out Beyonce at the end. dance party! so much fun!)

SATURDAY: Old Crow Medicine Show (good stuff! old timey fun), Craze & Klever (dance party), Band of Skulls, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (hippie fun!), The XX (some of us loved it (me). some of us did not.), The Dirty Projectors (only a few songs… wish i could’ve seen the whole set), MGMT (well, technically we just heard their set from afar… we took a gamble (and lost) that they’d only play their new crazy stuff and instead, they played old favorites. at least we got to hear it!), Muse (fantastic as always), Z Trip (the most fun dance party with a DJ i can say i’ve ever had!), and 2Many DJs (NOT the most fun dance party. ugh.).

SUNDAY: LOCAL NATIVES!!!! (love, love, loved it… of course), Mutemath, Matt & Kim (such a fun time!), Julian Casablancas (from the Strokes… i really like his stuff and he put on a great show), Spoon, Phoenix (favorite! as usual. the best part? they played “Love Like a Sunset” as the sun was setting. how awesome is that.), Thom Yorke (had to be good, right? also heard from afar as we were waiting for Gorillaz), and Gorillaz (great show. video screens were awesome . loved it.)

overall, it was a great place for me to feel in my hippie-element… so much so that i will definitely be pulling a hippie theme for bonnaroo. headbands, body paint, the works. hopefully there will actually be a beer choice at bonnaroo… we were forced (forced, i tell you!) to drink only Heineken at coachella. talk about a real downer. *vom*

i ❤ Heineken!!! (...or not)

so that’s the long and short of it… for now. hopefully next week i’ll be back on track with bonnaroo previews and maybe a little bit more about the awesomeness of coachella. thanks for being patient! have a great week!





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