back from bonnaROOOOOOO

18 06 2010

what up, world?

i’m back! procrastination strikes again. i should be doing my ACLS right now but instead i’m writing to you happy people. how’s it goin? how’s life? everyone treatin ya well? right on.

once again i’ve not really written as often as i should, probably because of laziness on my part. hey, at least i’ve been occupying my time with lovely upstanding activities like bonnaroo 🙂 oh, silly bonnaroo, how fantastic you were. i miss you so much already. i don’t know if there are words to encapsulate you right now. maybe just a brief “this is what went down” kinda thing.

all the madness began thursday… we’d been up late with (FAVORITE!!!!!) passion pit the night before, so just getting out of bed was a chore, but we did it. packed the car. drove off into the sunrise, soy latte in hand. only excellence ahead. it was smooth sailing (give or take a few stops at wal-mart and such) until we arrived at the exit for bonnaroo traffic… to make an extremely long story short, i will just say: 15 miles and 6.5 hours later (YES I SAID SIX AND A HALF HOURS AND FIFTEEN EFFING MILES) we donned wrist bands and drove into our camp for the next four days. we set up our shit with a quickness and felt pretty proud of ourselves with our massive tent and canopy thing. seeing that we left the ATL around 9am and it was now close to 8pm, we wanted to start drinking asap. the festival on thurs was kinda uneventful… no rain, just a little mud to get acquainted with, one heatstroke fainting event (with love from yours truly), a few shows (temper trap, part of wale (um… he was late and didn’t even really do anything on stage), and a bit of foul-mouthed & crass margaret cho), and one located sister (nadia drove up late after class). all in all a good preview of what was to come.

FRIDAY didn’t allow much sleep, it was so effing hot out there, so we got up and pretty much sat around in the shade, drinking and napping, until we decided to go see edward sharpe midafternoon. the sun was brutal in manchester, y’all. brutal! just sayin, i wore SPF 90 all weekend and i have never been darker. and my back’s burned. not horribly, but still. SPF 90!! WTF. seriously when i walked into my house and saw myself in the mirror on monday it scared me. thought it was someone else. but yeah, edward sharpe! that guy’s really growin on me. so much hippie fun. 🙂 later that day we saw damien marley and nas, she & him, tori amos, steve martin & the steep canyon rangers, kings of leon (so great!!), daryl hall & chromeo (yes, from hall & oates! so much fun!), bassnectar (surprisingly awesome), and kid cudi. all were pretty great… tried to stay for B.O.B (he was supposed to play at 3am but he was a bit late and i was falling asleep so we left).

which stage is that?

SATURDAY: second verse, same as the first. went to bed as the sun was coming up, apparently, and woke up just a few hours later because of the stifling heat in our tent. once we’d had enough napping & such in the shade, we headed in just in time to see (favorites!!) the avett brothers, weezer (fun, even though rivers cuomo seemed a bit cracked out), stevie wonder, jay-z, and deadmau5 (really freakin’ cool. mouse head and everything). seems like only a handful of shows but we went in late, had big breaks between shows, and caught bits & pieces of stuff we didn’t really know (what is this dan deacon madness?!). it actually rained a little during the avett bros... only time we got wet all weekend. how bout that. yes, rain boots and ponchos were used. the other interesting thing from saturday was that we found some kid’s phone that i had to spend the rest of the weekend playing phone tag to get it back to him. karma. i swear, the lengths i go to… deadmau5 was the late show on sat so we went to bed (again!) as the sun came up. awesome!

SUNDAY came and all of a sudden it was decided we should leave that night after dave (who would close out the weekend)… so we got up, took down our campsite, packed the car. bittersweet, really. our shows that day: john butler trio (awesome live!), regina spektor, blues traveler, they might be giants (particle man! birdhouse in your soul!), zac brown band, phoenix (!!), and, of course, dave. it was another great (hot) day… found the kid with the phone, danced in the silent disco (that shit was crazy awesome… gotta do that again!), finally busted out the glow sticks. it was sad to leave when it was over. bought a tshirt on the way out, threw the rest of our junk in the car, and drove on out of there. well, drove a few miles and then handed the keys over to shaniah. i was tired, yo! i never promised anyone i could drive at midnight. nope, not this girl.

silent disco-ing

it was so great to walk into my house at 5am and take a real live shower. you have no idea!! the things we take for granted. slept til 2:30 in the afternoon. it was great.

favorites of the weekend: silent disco (wireless headphones, a dj with a mic, and great music. all in your head. fantastic to be a part of. even more fantastic to view from outside). mud puddles. rain boots & sundresses. any form of shade. tattoo envy (i want so many!). “my people!!” sightings. dave. pizza. embracing heat & nastiness and calling it my own.

un-favorites of the weekend: hay grass. direct sunlight. lemonade. drunk bitches. the 30 min walk from centeroo to our camp. overflowing port-o-potties. (see, the list ain’t long folks).

can’t wait for the next adventure. check out all the greatness we’re gonna get this fall!! peace out, “my people.” 🙂




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