in which jamesly has run out of stuff to do in the OR… and now sits, contemplating life

26 06 2010

‘sup, y’all? I’m sitting in the OR & kinda bored so I thought I’d see how, uh, “fun” it would be to blog from my iphone. we’ll see how this goes.

we’re doin bout the grossest thing I can think of. de-gloved arm. *vom*

(can I put pics on here with this app? gonna take one, yo. look for it at the bottom. zoom it. this is sooooo grosssss…)

I kinda miss bonnaroo. still wearing my wristband. wondering how long to keep it on. guessing til my next “dressy” outfit requires it. or until my bday (15 days!). or until one-month-post-fest. somethin. i won’t be one of those ppl who keeps it on til next year. promise 🙂 The Year of Music continues, though! we got tix to so many great shows for fall recently. kings of leon, bnl, local natives, matt & Kim, avett bros, just to name a few… check my shows page for the complete list. ahhh I can’t wait.

in other (better!) news, *birthday month* is comin! i can’t believe I’m turning 30. I cried when I turned 20. i’m sure it’ll happen again. decades do that to me. I wish everyone loved birthdays as much as me. if everyone had *birthday month* and *birthday week* we’d be nonstop partying all year long. all year long, people!! let’s get on that. what’s the big deal? why does everyone hate it? sure, we get older, but for reals? we get older every day. don’t be hatin’. just have a party already. it’s like your own national holiday. take off work. do something crazy. it’s ok. I have a ton of stuff planned and I can’t wait.

peace out, til next time. or maybe til next case, depending on how this day goes…





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