thoughts from the city, day2

15 07 2010

finally got my luggage back from the evil clutches of delta. never again!! so. day 2 in the city. wearing my own clothes. word up!

observations thus far:

-I actually can survive without coffee. it’s not pretty, but it’s doable.

-no matter how old i get, I will always love shopping at Forever 21. especially the one in times square with five floors of *awesome.*

-there are some beautiful beautiful boys in this city… however a lot of these boys happen to like other boys.

-people are juuuuust the right shade of rude in the city. I like it. like I like aggressive driving.

-texting while walking in the city may be just as dangerous as texting while driving.

-never, ever let your metro card get bent. esp when there’s still money on it. (madre!)

-i might just have the slightest touch of asperger’s. minus the smarts. special shoutout to those who helped make me this way. love ya mean it!!

-avoiding eye contact could be a major method of survival.

-always walk with purpose! you will get run over! (again: madre!)

-life is always better when you live in Musical World!




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