♬ music: the love of my life ♬

16 08 2010

soooo….. hey there. how’s it goin. i made an interesting observation the other day about myself… one that appears to make perfect sense ALL THE TIME now and frankly, is kinda scary. and kinda cool.

i just realized that i am dating music.

what else can explain it? who else do i turn to when life seems just completely effing wrong? or absolutely perfect? the first thing i thought of when i had this strange, strange epiphany was erykah badu‘s songlove of my life.” you know that one? ode to hip hop? yeah. pretty much a love song to music. my story. apparently music is my one and only… for right now 🙂 i mean, i hope we don’t have to break up when i find a real boy that i like… nah, that won’t happen.

what it comes down to is this: music is the first thing i hear in the morning (besides my effing alarm) and it’s what puts me to sleep at night. it’s with me throughout the day (when i walk, i’m kinda just dancing along to whatever song is in my head). i can’t drive without music. i have to have it when i go for walks, when i’m in the shower, when i’m in the OR. i’m always discovering new bands and artists that make my heart happy. this must be why i love the world of indie so much… there’s always something new, some new group i’ve never heard of. opens up my heart. i guess it helps that a lot of my favorite musicians are super hottt 😉

real-life dating can be tough, but dating music doesn’t have to be. i go on dates with music as often as i can. maybe not every week, sometimes 3-4 times a week… we even go on weekend trips together a few times a year. the past year and a half or so that we’ve really been together have been fabulous. at the beginning, i was calling it The Year of Music, but it seems to have stretched into more than that. we’ve evolved into a comfortable friendship that will go on as long as i have the resources (and the time) to support it. one day, i’ll meet a real guy that will eventually take up more of my time than going to shows can. i can only hope this guy will love music as much as i do and support my passions.

i’ve got another long run of shows & trips to see shows coming up soon. i thought “concert season” had a beginning and an end date, like mid-spring through fall? guess not, as more and more shows are popping up my calender into november. *sigh* in the words of jeff buckley... “it’s never over.”





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