dave magic, dave love: the most magical music festival i’ve ever known

10 09 2010

well, this has definitely been the year for festivals, so it’s fitting that i included a dave-fest as well. this year was the first that i was privileged to attend dave’s annual labor day 3-day run at The Gorge Amphitheatre, just outside of seattle. my friend jennifer and i made the trek to the west(best) coast last friday morning, drove a lovely three hours from seattle to the city of george, washington, and set up shop for the weekend. the gorge is set up much like the other festival grounds i’ve been to this year- huge campground centered around one of the prettiest settings for a show i’ve ever seen. the campground was as, uh, rugged as bonnaroo was, with clumps of awful grass and ruts everywhere. not muddy though! 😉 we had just enough time to set up our luxurious 4-person tent complete with air mattress before heading into the venue for the first of our three shows.

.::Friday (21)::.

we were on the lawn for the first show, and ended up staying at the very back because we were late getting in and it was pretty dark. it was a great fun show! danced a lot, drank a little beer. the stars were standouts and so perfect in the sky. the sky is so big there! craziness. show was pretty great for the first of the three nights, and you can see the setlist here. after the show we walked back to camp- very dusty and kinda chilly. it was about midnight, and i was pretty tired, so i fell right asleep. glad i had my sleeping bag. nice & warm.

.::Saturday (22)::.

we got up and decided to go for a walk… apparently you could leave camp (in your car) and get back in before 4, but since we’d kinda driven into a rut and didn’t have anyone to help us move it if need be, we just left it. went for a short walk down the road, but there’s nothing much around, just farm land. got a soy latte (there was an espresso place in the main camp area next to the camp store). took a bunch of pictures.

we ended up going back to our campsite and just chillin there the rest of the day, reading. i meant to take a nap but got so caught up in my book (i’m currently reading some vampire smut– The Black Dagger Brotherhood) that i finished it. we went into the venue around 4ish- we had seats that night. the gorge is set up pretty much on the edge of a cliff overlooking the columbia river. really pretty. the seats are right in front and then the lawn is a steep hill behind that. the capacity is 25000 (to give you a reference, lakewood can take 19000 and verizon only 12000, so the gorge is pretty big). being in seats, pretty much right on the river, was really nice but really chilly. lots of wind, and once the sun went down, very cold. i didn’t bring a jacket that night but wish i did. actually saw the openers that night– alberta cross and ben harper. pretty awesome. dave’s saturday setlist was my favorite of the three, most likely because of the awesome #41. no repeats! the stars were beautiful, again, and after we walked back to camp i think i just sat outside and stared up at the sky for half an hour or so. loved that! not a cloud anywhere, no lights, just pretty open sky and lots of stars. the sky is so different out there though, everything was in a different spot, hard to orient. (i know, i’m weird.)

.::Sunday (23)::.

i took a bigger dose of benadryl saturday night so i actually slept til 9 or so on sunday. we went on another walk for coffee and i took some more pictures and read some more. it was kind of overcast that day and windy, so i was chilly. sat in the car, took a little nap, read some more. pretty relaxing, overall, and i realized this was probably the most relaxing vacay i’d been on in a while. made me a little giddy 🙂 we went to the venue early that day since we wanted to actually get into our preferred lawn area. gates opened at 4 so we went in, grabbed a spot, camped out. we took turns walking around to get drinks, food, etc. watched the openers again and then had the last of the three incredible setlists dave did. no repeats all weekend! that in itself was amazing, and it was even better that it allowed for some rarer songs to surface, 60 songs total. i think the gorge experience is something i definitely want to do again. i bought a poster on saturday (they had three different posters, as usual, for the three nights… this one had the night sky on it. love it!) and ended up buying a shirt and a gorge 2010 waterproof jacket that’s awesome. souvenirs!

the best part of my dave weekend? coming home to find out he’s added a month of shows to the end of this year’s tour. i thought the gorge was the last time i’d see him til 2012 (they’re taking next year off after 20 consecutive years of touring), but he’s coming back to atlanta november 16th. definitely going to that one, and also trying to get tickets to the two shows in charlottesville that will close out the tour. yay! the party continues! i know i know, a little over the top, but that’s ya girl 🙂




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