20 years of musical love

1 06 2015

i never would have thought i would have seen as many live shows in my lifetime as i’ve seen thus far. i’m pretty sure when i saw dave matthews in 1995 that it was my first live-music experience, and i’m glad it guided me down the path i’m following now. music is still everything to me, and will forever play a huge part in my life. i love festivals, big shows, small shows, planned shows, spontaneous shows, shows down the street and shows i fly across the country for. music is everything. i hope you have found something to so totally encapsulate your life. life has so much in store for us and there are so many things that can go right, and go wrong, and having something (a “constant”, if you will) to continually focus on that brings happiness and peace is so very important. music, y’all!

my dear sweet husband patrick loves music and it’s one of the things that brought us together. we like a lot of the same stuff, and we have a lot of differences. i have always loved dave, as we know, and patrick (who used to enjoy his music back in the day) does not much care for him now. knowing this has made me feel slightly alienated from him in that i can’t share some of the most important music of my life with the most important person in my life. however, just being at that show on saturday night has reminded me that there are still people out there who love this music as much (or more) than i do and that i needn’t feel “weird” or “silly” for hanging onto my heartsongs.

there’s just something about dave’s music, the stuff that doesn’t quite fit in any one genre, the stuff that expresses what i’m feeling at any given time in my life, that has kept me going all these years. i’ll keep going to see dave year after year and keep loving those same sweet songs. grateful to have them in my life.

saturday i had the privilege of seeing dave matthews play live for the 30th time in my 20 years of musical love. here’s what we got to hear! terrific set. i was lucky enough to enjoy it nadia (also an old-school fan) who could really appreciate how great of a set it was. that’s the problem with bringing someone who “just doesn’t get it” (PATRICK). all of a sudden you’re crying when they play your favorite song on the planet and no one else can share that moment with you (remember #41 at centennial park? i cried. they laughed. and then i laughed while crying because it was so, so good!). and it’s all good. i’ve since come to terms with it. and still love every time i hear the opening notes of #41. he needs to learn it and love it.

Set I (Acoustic)
Stay or Leave
The Stone
Funny The Way It Is
The Song That Jane Likes
Snow Outside
When The World Ends
So Damn Lucky
What Would You Say
Belly Belly Nice

Set II
So Much To Say
Anyone Seen the Bridge
Too Much
Black and Blue Bird
Out of My Hands
Don’t Drink the Water
You & Me
Dancing Nancies

Two Step




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