Indie Rock Class of 2010, Where the Eff Are You?

21 02 2012

.::Take Only What You Need::.

since my lovely Eff&Music group has disbanded, for lack of a better word, i will just be continuing my music blogs on my Chasing Jamesly blog when i feel like writing. and here i am! happy tuesday, and happy mardi gras!!! i was lucky enough to be able to go to mobile this past weekend with my parents and go to my first mardi gras parade in years. it was so much fun and much calmer than i imagine new orleans to be at this time of year. i learned that mobile actually has the oldest mardi gras celebration in the country- even though new orleans is most well known for it, someone named joe cain really used to do it up in mobile. good to know. glad i have ties there. it was loads of fun- got a lot of beads, ate some great food, slept a lot. a grand weekend.

i realized, while on the road, that i’ve been in dire need of some new music. i’m sure all of you heard the great news that dave is resuming touring this year AND that they’re back in the studio with an almost-completed album, and it made me realize how fully committed they are to their music, and how it’s never a super long time between hearing from them, whether live or on a new CD. i love that, but i’ve become spoiled. i gained a lot of new favorite bands a couple years ago, in the months before my first coachella, a lot of which were just starting out and riding the high happy waves of indie success. i still love these bands, and listen to their stuff over and over again, but sadly haven’t heard much from them since. i decided to lump them all together and call them the Indie Rock Class of 2010, and i’m here today to ask, what’s up? where the eff are y’all? new albums, new singles even? something. i have a feeling they’re starting to wake up and get back with it- Sleigh Bells just released their sophomore effort Reign of Terror today- but i’m ready for more. it seems i keep having to find new bands to listen to when all i want is more comfort food from my favorites. don’t get me wrong- i love finding new music. fo sho. but i miss my Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Phoenix, XX, etc.  i’ve never made an album- i’m sure it takes time, patience, and the gods of songwriting to all come together and cause such perfection, but can i just be a brat and complain for a minute? and throw in some videos of my favorites?? gee thanks.

Passion Pit, where are you? i don’t even need an album. just a tour near me would be nice. i don’t think we ever had as much fun as we did with you at the tabernacle. Phoenix, i know you’re more of an Indie Rock alumni, but you haven’t been back to see us since 2010 either. Local Natives, are you still alive? are you working on new music or did you give up on us? The XX, i heard you were back in the studio. props. can’t wait to see ya. Avetts, i will again acknowledge alumni status for you, but atlanta misses you. why you go all these other places and never come see us, huh? need you, kiddos. and Vampire Weekend, i know you’re out there somewhere. whatcha been up to? anything new and fun for us yet? your albums are so short. they always leave me wanting more. i’m ready to hang out and jump a lot and be preppy again. c’mon.

i guess i’ll just be patient and see what happens. keep listening to new music and mix in a little of the Class of 2010. and of course, stay steady with my good friend dave. he’ll be at lakewood on 5.22.12! can’t wait y’all. here’s a little dave for your fat tuesday.

have a great week, y’all. today i’ll be loading up on sweets as i attempt to give up sweets for Lent (along with meat, as usual). it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but today sure will be awesome 🙂 til next time. laissez les bons temps rouler!



an indulgence, of sorts

16 11 2010

today is the day, loves. today is my favorite day of the year, each time it happens throughout the year. today is DAVE DAY!!! dave matthews and his band of brothers make their way back to the ATL one last time before their year-long hiatus (if you didn’t hear, the band is taking 2011 “off,” if you will, from touring, after 20 consecutive years on the road). i guess they can take a little break 🙂 i just don’t know what i’m gonna do with myself next year. i’ll have to stage dave listening parties under the stars or something. i’ll definitely miss them in my life though… tonight will be my 6th show of theirs this year. last year i was also lucky enough to see them 6 times. tonight will be my 24th show ever. i never thought i would get this far in my dave life. 😉 i’m just full of stats here. tonight we’re also going full circle… he’s playing philips arena, which used to be the omni, which was the place i first saw him play in december 1995. almost fifteen years exactly. *tear* i’m such a sap.

dave, you and me have come a long way. i first came to love you and your music after seeing you live, and then i found a way to love a boy through your music, and then your music helped define my relationships with that boy, with other boys, with best friends, and with fellow music lovers. now, your music sits with me in life like a loyal best friend… i go to a lot of shows and see a lot of popular (and a lot of unheard-of) bands, but i always come home to you. my favorite song (as we all know) is the illustrious #41. i will one day have your firedancer tatooed on my body. i hope one day i actually get to meet you and tell you what a huge part of my life you’ve become. goal in life. fa sho!

it’s sad to me that so many other people in the world love you as much as i do. i guess i have to be willing to share someone who’s become such a big presence in the music world. i am happy for your success and i’m happy you remain so down-to-earth and humble. i love that you’re a humanitarian and a philanthropist. above all else, i love that you’re in love with your music, and that anyone can see that just by watching you perform live.

i can’t wait to spend three hours totally engulfed in your sound tonight. whatever you play will be awesome…but, for your amusement and reading pleasure, here are my top ten requests (which i’m sure you’ll take into consideration):

  • THE BEST OF WHAT’S AROUND. one of my favorites. i love the lyrics and the hey-la-la’s. “turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.”
  • TYPICAL SITUATION. again with the lyrics. but i love the cresecendo and what the song builds toward. “everybody’s happy, everybody’s free, we’ll keep the big door open, everyone’ll come around.”
  • HALLOWEEN. my favorite “angsty” song of dave’s… for when you really need an EFF YOU song but don’t really want cee-lo…  my favorite line: “tell me, are you really satisfied with f@*$&%^? don’t walk away i’m talking to you!” you tell her, dave. bitch.
  • SPACEMAN. secondary favorite on the new album. i lovedseven” first (and still do) but this is the one i listen to over and over again. “i’m not all bad but i’m a faithful sinner, i might get lost but i’ll be home for dinner.”
  • SAY GOODBYE. i used to hate this song because #41 flowed right into it, and i didn’t understand what was behind the song. now, i get it, i love it, and it makes me happy. 😉 “in your eyes i see what’s on my mind.”
  • RAPUNZEL. awesome song from one of my favorite albums, Before These Crowded Streets. and well… my favorite line here really is not for children’s eyes, so i’ll stick with “blood through my veins for you, you alone have all of me, i give my world to you, to you i will be true.”
  • CRUSH. another lover from BTCS. “so much you have given, love, that i would give you back again and again.”
  • TWO STEP. i don’t think this one needs explaining. this falls in the category of “acoustic crunk” fo’ sho. you can’t NOT dance to this. and, it’s shanayhay’s favorite! “celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain.”
  • JIMI THING. this one is part of the old school crowd, and also has one of my nicknames in it, and is also just an awesome song. “what i want is what i’ve not got, but what i need is all around me.” ’nuff said.
  • #41. what is there to say about my absolute favorite song? there’s a reason (i grudgingly admit) that so many people love it, even though the lyrics don’t seem to mean much of anything close to the way the song feels… but there’s one line that fits my life perfectly. “i will go in this way, and find my own way out.” and don’t forget leroi’s perfect sax solo. that could be a lyric in itself (jeff coffin does an amazing job in leroi’s absence).

can’t wait til tonight! we’ll be in the pit, pushing our way to the front 🙂 see you there! peace!

dave magic, dave love: the most magical music festival i’ve ever known

10 09 2010

well, this has definitely been the year for festivals, so it’s fitting that i included a dave-fest as well. this year was the first that i was privileged to attend dave’s annual labor day 3-day run at The Gorge Amphitheatre, just outside of seattle. my friend jennifer and i made the trek to the west(best) coast last friday morning, drove a lovely three hours from seattle to the city of george, washington, and set up shop for the weekend. the gorge is set up much like the other festival grounds i’ve been to this year- huge campground centered around one of the prettiest settings for a show i’ve ever seen. the campground was as, uh, rugged as bonnaroo was, with clumps of awful grass and ruts everywhere. not muddy though! 😉 we had just enough time to set up our luxurious 4-person tent complete with air mattress before heading into the venue for the first of our three shows. Read the rest of this entry »

♬ music: the love of my life ♬

16 08 2010

soooo….. hey there. how’s it goin. i made an interesting observation the other day about myself… one that appears to make perfect sense ALL THE TIME now and frankly, is kinda scary. and kinda cool.

i just realized that i am dating music.

what else can explain it? who else do i turn to when life seems just completely effing wrong? or absolutely perfect? the first thing i thought of when i had this strange, strange epiphany was erykah badu‘s songlove of my life.” you know that one? ode to hip hop? yeah. pretty much a love song to music. my story. apparently music is my one and only… for right now 🙂 i mean, i hope we don’t have to break up when i find a real boy that i like… nah, that won’t happen.

what it comes down to is this: music is the first thing i hear in the morning (besides my effing alarm) and it’s what puts me to sleep at night. it’s with me throughout the day (when i walk, i’m kinda just dancing along to whatever song is in my head). i can’t drive without music. i have to have it when i go for walks, when i’m in the shower, when i’m in the OR. i’m always discovering new bands and artists that make my heart happy. this must be why i love the world of indie so much… there’s always something new, some new group i’ve never heard of. opens up my heart. i guess it helps that a lot of my favorite musicians are super hottt 😉

real-life dating can be tough, but dating music doesn’t have to be. i go on dates with music as often as i can. maybe not every week, sometimes 3-4 times a week… we even go on weekend trips together a few times a year. the past year and a half or so that we’ve really been together have been fabulous. at the beginning, i was calling it The Year of Music, but it seems to have stretched into more than that. we’ve evolved into a comfortable friendship that will go on as long as i have the resources (and the time) to support it. one day, i’ll meet a real guy that will eventually take up more of my time than going to shows can. i can only hope this guy will love music as much as i do and support my passions.

i’ve got another long run of shows & trips to see shows coming up soon. i thought “concert season” had a beginning and an end date, like mid-spring through fall? guess not, as more and more shows are popping up my calender into november. *sigh* in the words of jeff buckley... “it’s never over.”



11 08 2010

hipsters are just so funny. as much as I’d like to be one of them, I just don’t think I make the cut. love the “hippie shit” but am not quite a hippie myself.

if I were a guy, I might have a beard & ride a townie bike & wear a lot of flannel.

lucky for me, I’m a girl with a passion for crazy shit like indie rock and dave matthews and oddball fashion and the beatles and chocolate and (sometimes) pop culture. I can be anything to anyone. i love the versatility. I’m quirky & different (& awkward) on purpose.

I don’t fit the mold.

i go to shows by myself.

and I’m ok with that! cheers. I wanna meet another *me* one day.

“I’d rather be alone than pretend I feel alright.” -arcade fire-

.::dear john::.

18 03 2010

dear john mayer,

hey you cutie. thank you for reminding me why keep you at #2 on my love list. you were, last night (as always) an amazing performer. i’m captivated by the way you handle a guitar. and i love the way you treat a crowd. i don’t think you’re 100% douchebag (as some so beautifully put it), and i appreciate your humility, even if it’s not 100% genuine all the time. seeing you play last night… not only songs that are popular for you on the radio, but old school awesomeness that made me love you in the first place, songs you wrote here in this beautiful city, made me realize that you think about who you’re playing for each day, and i appreciate that. i remember when you were just a guy with a guitar who would play the smaller side of music life and love every minute of it as much as you do now. i know that look that you get on your face when you’re playing, the look i used to think was silly and strange to see instead of a smile, but it’s a good look for you. i love seeing someone so talented who is so into the music- music that you wrote and came up with based on your own experiences. that’s truly a rarity these days.

given the past few years of super-stardom and brushes with greatness (becoming a celebrity will do that, i guess), your ego may have gotten a little bigger than we all expected. Read the rest of this entry »

.::Throwback: Garden State Soundtrack, iron & wine::.

10 11 2009


i hope everyone’s seen this movie by now…. crazy good film, and an awesome soundtrack full of indie goodies. you know what i’m talking about?? i was looking into iron & wine for my band of the week and remembered their cover of postal service‘s “such great heights” on garden state and wanted to make sure you’d all heard it. those that have, you know what i’m talking about. zach braff (that cutie from scrubs that i absolutely love) wrote, directed, and starred in this independent film alongside the beautiful natalie portman back in 2004. he has a great ear for the music that i love and decided that his soundtrack should reflect that… he picked all the music. and it! is! awesome! about the music, braff said: “essentially, I made a mix cd with all of the music that I felt was scoring my life at the time I was writing the screenplay.” sounds like my life. i make a different playlist for any occasion, any emotion. he’s stated that, when he wrote the screenplay, he was “homesick for a place that didn’t even exist,” depressed, lonely, and waiting tables, much like the character he plays in the movie. the music is perfect for that mindset, and something that i love, if you remember my penchant for the *random depressing* songs in life. 🙂 hey, he won a grammy for it… that counts for something!! Read the rest of this entry »