sometimes, ya just have to say it like it is

22 06 2011

i miss europe. plain and simple, there is it. i thought me & that other continent would just take a little break from each other last year and that i’d plan a big trip for 2011 that would bring us back together. alas, i feel that it’s not to be this year. i mean, have you seen plane ticket prices to europe lately? what the eff happened, people?! it’s over a thousand to fly anywhere in october (the only time i could go this year) and i just don’t have that kind of money to throw around at the moment. buying a house and all kinda put a damper on that. 😉 perhaps next spring will be better. we shall see…

the past few years have been spent well, travel-wise. i’ve done a lot of trips with friends, trips i didn’t really ever consider to be the type of things i’d take vacation time for. it’s been a tad bit cheaper to stay on this continent, but not completely. i’ve still spent quite a bit. i’ve done NYC countless time (headed back there tomorrow!), seen several awesome music festivals (which has become a priority), tried out colder weather fun (snowboarding was… interesting), been to las vegas more times in one year than i ever thought i’d go total (3…!), and will finally get to see san francisco (and wine country!) in about a month. i suppose i should just start planning way ahead and be able to go back to my beloved paris, et al when i get the chance.

i miss walking the streets and hearing the french language. i miss seeing passing friends kiss on the cheek instead of shake hands. i miss being able to eat dinner at midnight- in a restaurant. i miss the effing euro. i miss fresh french baguettes bought on a whim and eaten while walking down the street. i miss buying a bottle of cheap red wine- that tastes great– at a corner store and then walking across the street to a park and drinking it sitting in the grass. i miss real-deal chocolate eclairs, yo. i miss taking the metro, but i miss walking across paris more. i miss being able to get on a train and be in another country in an hour. i miss the mediterranean way of life. i miss markets, seeing all kinds of animal parts on display, being able to buy the juice of any fruit you can imagine- anyone ever had kiwi juice? it’s awesome. i miss using the parts of my brain that know specks of french, german, spanish. i miss real german pretzels. i miss seeing buildings that are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years old. i miss real european romance- not just between people, mind you, but between people and their country. people and their history. i miss the feeling of escape that europe gives… the feeling that you are not a part of your “real” life while you’re there, just a floating piece of humanity with nowhere to be and everything to enjoy. i miss the sense of freedom europe gives me to use my camera, the feeling that every picture i take is a piece of the moment i get to keep forever, even if it’s not very good. 😉 i miss foreign labels on food and drinks in grocery stores, and i miss buying things i’m not familiar with just to try them out. i miss seeing babies in europe and thinking how amazing it is that kids are born in a particular place at a particular time and their brains just adjust to where they sprout. one kid becomes american, one kid german, one french, one spanish. what if i’d been born in france instead of here in georgia? oh, if only! i wonder if i’d be as fascinated with america as i am now with europe. or if i’d have a certain disdain for this place that europeans seem to be born with. 🙂 either way, i do miss that place dearly. i’ve got to go back at some point. it pulls on my heart strings. i’ll be with you again soon, my love.



thoughts from the city, day2

15 07 2010

finally got my luggage back from the evil clutches of delta. never again!! so. day 2 in the city. wearing my own clothes. word up!

observations thus far:

-I actually can survive without coffee. it’s not pretty, but it’s doable.

-no matter how old i get, I will always love shopping at Forever 21. especially the one in times square with five floors of *awesome.*

-there are some beautiful beautiful boys in this city… however a lot of these boys happen to like other boys.

-people are juuuuust the right shade of rude in the city. I like it. like I like aggressive driving.

-texting while walking in the city may be just as dangerous as texting while driving.

-never, ever let your metro card get bent. esp when there’s still money on it. (madre!)

-i might just have the slightest touch of asperger’s. minus the smarts. special shoutout to those who helped make me this way. love ya mean it!!

-avoiding eye contact could be a major method of survival.

-always walk with purpose! you will get run over! (again: madre!)

-life is always better when you live in Musical World!

asssssspen… pt. I

19 02 2010

how’s it goin? i am sitting at the lovely tiny place that is the aspen airport, waiting on my flight home to atlanta. i was hoping to write a few posts while i was here, but the internet at our condo really sucked so i just gave up. currently, even just sitting at the airport, it’s amazingly beautiful right now here in aspen with all this thick pretty snow falling (perhaps not a great thing for flying… the flight that leaves before mine couldn’t even land here so hopefully the next flight can land so i can get home today… my luck). so i guess i’ll just start from the beginning…

what up, aspen?? so yeah- me & my homies are in aspen for a lil’ bit… where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of capistrano… we got here saturday afternoon (after WAYYY too many flight delays & luggage mishaps– apparently the pilots on our plane needed to sleep in, so we weren’t gonna catch our original flight out of denver to aspen, and ended up spending 3 hours in denver), got to our condo in snowmass, settled in. went to the store & got WAYYYY too much food (fo’ real) and then realized we would be strugglin to get it back on the shuttle (4 ppl + 20 bags + heavy bottles + case of H2O = clusterfuck). jason’s friend nina got in late in the afternoon, and once we were all settled, we had the obligatory “let’s do a shot!!” time before we headed into downtown aspen for dinner at this place called social (tapas). it was pretty effin’ awesome. lots of good wine & realllllly good food. we got soooo much great stuff… including some amazing form of brussel sprouts with truffle oil, some awesome cabernet braised short ribs, and the most delicious edamame i’ve ever had (they had some sort of sweet chili sauce that was amazing). two bottles of wine later we found our way home after a bit of a, uh, struggle (what’s our bus stop again??) and crawled into bed.

view from our condo

i didn’t really sleep well, so it was all good that i decided to put of my snow lessons until monday. Read the rest of this entry »