i helped create a music & events blog called Eff&Music for the atlanta area with some friends of mine last summer, and currently write two columns a week (see below). there’s new content every weekday (and sometimes on weekends) on all topics and musical genres. we are always looking for contributors and regular columnists. if you’re interested in donating your time & talents, let me know! milabeg@msn.com

my columns!

TakeOnlyWhatYouNeed (tuesdays)
for this column i try to stay on topic in the area of indie/college rock, but will pretty much just talk about whatever i’m listening to currently, doing album reviews, song highlights, upcoming concert previews and concert recaps. i love music, i can’t last long without it, and i love sharing the music i love with other people.

FunFoodThursday (thursdays)
i love to eat, love to bake, and am just starting to figure out how to cook  meals. in this column i write about fun new restaurants i’ve tried, dishes i’ve attempted to cook, wines that i’ve discovered, and occasionally get up on my soapbox about the importance of eating real food (read: non-processed and healthy foods) and supporting local agriculture.


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