11 08 2010

hipsters are just so funny. as much as I’d like to be one of them, I just don’t think I make the cut. love the “hippie shit” but am not quite a hippie myself.

if I were a guy, I might have a beard & ride a townie bike & wear a lot of flannel.

lucky for me, I’m a girl with a passion for crazy shit like indie rock and dave matthews and oddball fashion and the beatles and chocolate and (sometimes) pop culture. I can be anything to anyone. i love the versatility. I’m quirky & different (& awkward) on purpose.

I don’t fit the mold.

i go to shows by myself.

and I’m ok with that! cheers. I wanna meet another *me* one day.

“I’d rather be alone than pretend I feel alright.” -arcade fire-