asssssspen… pt. I

19 02 2010

how’s it goin? i am sitting at the lovely tiny place that is the aspen airport, waiting on my flight home to atlanta. i was hoping to write a few posts while i was here, but the internet at our condo really sucked so i just gave up. currently, even just sitting at the airport, it’s amazingly beautiful right now here in aspen with all this thick pretty snow falling (perhaps not a great thing for flying… the flight that leaves before mine couldn’t even land here so hopefully the next flight can land so i can get home today… my luck). so i guess i’ll just start from the beginning…

what up, aspen?? so yeah- me & my homies are in aspen for a lil’ bit… where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of capistrano… we got here saturday afternoon (after WAYYY too many flight delays & luggage mishaps– apparently the pilots on our plane needed to sleep in, so we weren’t gonna catch our original flight out of denver to aspen, and ended up spending 3 hours in denver), got to our condo in snowmass, settled in. went to the store & got WAYYYY too much food (fo’ real) and then realized we would be strugglin to get it back on the shuttle (4 ppl + 20 bags + heavy bottles + case of H2O = clusterfuck). jason’s friend nina got in late in the afternoon, and once we were all settled, we had the obligatory “let’s do a shot!!” time before we headed into downtown aspen for dinner at this place called social (tapas). it was pretty effin’ awesome. lots of good wine & realllllly good food. we got soooo much great stuff… including some amazing form of brussel sprouts with truffle oil, some awesome cabernet braised short ribs, and the most delicious edamame i’ve ever had (they had some sort of sweet chili sauce that was amazing). two bottles of wine later we found our way home after a bit of a, uh, struggle (what’s our bus stop again??) and crawled into bed.

view from our condo

i didn’t really sleep well, so it was all good that i decided to put of my snow lessons until monday. Read the rest of this entry »