.::parc güell..and goodbye::.

23 10 2009

at last! today was Parc Güell Day. and i promise to write all about it as soon as i can. for right now, it’s almost 11:30 and i need to get up at 5:15 to check out and get myself to the airport, so i’m gonna go to bed. *sigh* so long, barcelona. and, spain. it’s been a lovely two weeks. and i’m sure i’ll be seeing you again in this lifetime. IMG_5306

.::today (in a nutshell)::.
i got up a little early so i could go ahead and pack and get my stuff ready to leave, since i figured i wouldn’t wanna do it tonight and tomorrow would be to early for all that madness. so i think i’m ready. once that was done, i took off (finally) for parc guell. sunny, clear skies, and kind of warm-ish… the perfect day for a hike. and a hike it kinda was!! i stopped to take pictures a few places, but all in all i think it was about an hour-fifteen from my hostel, so i’m guessing somewhere around 4 miles. dunno, gotta look it up. anyway, i spent a long while there, taking all kinds of pictures, listening to musicians, and doing a little rendition of the long mosaic park bench with my watercolor pencils and pastels. that was fun! some elementary school kids came up and were eating lunch next to me, and a couple of them came behind me to watch me color. awkward… but i got a ¡que bonita! for my picture and it made me smile. i’m so on their level. after my time at the park i walked home… a bit faster this time, because mostly downhill and i knew my destination. i spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping and picture-making. then, dinner at a restaurant near the boqueria market before coming home. Read the rest of this entry »


.::the rain in spain::.

22 10 2009

well, there’s that. rain, that is. and a LOT of it.

rain, rain, go away... :(

rain, rain, go away... 😦

i might be a little drunk…. i’m pretty sure i drank the entirety of a bottle of wine today. a half-bottle at lunch with sushi and then another at dinner just now. 🙂 a day in the life, i suppose… hopefully not forever more though… i want *people* back!! we all know i’m not a big talker, but, GOD, i miss having company. i love it here, but i’m itching to be around people i know again. (that’s me saying, i miss you! all of you… wish you could see this place!) Read the rest of this entry »

.::this must be my blue period::.

22 10 2009
'la seu'... the cathedral of barcelona, in the barri gotic

'la seu'... the cathedral of barcelona, in the barri gotic

ahhh, wednesday. what a day you were. i woke and it was raining. blahhhh! what a way to ruin my day from the start. i got up, though, and even though i had my hoodie on, it was raining harder than that, so i gave in and bought an umbrella. it definitely came in handy… i went to the cathedral (which is practically right across the street from my hostel) and took a lot of pictures. you know me. i headed toward the picasso museum after that, and went to a church very close by there called santa maria del mar. that was another beautiful, simple church! it apparently has columns that are the farthest apart than any other gothic church in the world. Read the rest of this entry »

.::i’d like a baby rabbit for christmas. por favor.::.

20 10 2009


ahh.... sidewalks are so pretty here.

ahh.... sidewalks are so pretty here.

do you ever hear a song that just totally takes you back to a time & place in your life? today, randomly, in a clothes store in barcelona, i heard that song “kissing you” from the romeo & juliet soundtrack. you know, the one that came out when we were 16? with leonardo di caprio? ahhhhh i loved that movie. and that soundtrack. gotta find that one when i get home. but yeah, heard that song & it totally rocked me. then again, i also heard mika singing “relax. take it easy.” and i wanted to go throw up in the corner. Read the rest of this entry »

.::jamila barcelona::.

20 10 2009

i’ve arrived. this hostel is so much more awesome than the one in madrid. i can tell i’m gonna like it here. i spent the last three hours on the train from madrid planning out my next (and last) four days in barcelona… they’re gonna be jam-packed, i assure you! sooooo much to do here and i can’t wait to get started. on the walk from the metro, first thing i saw as i came up the escalator into the light was a *C&A,* i passed all my favorite euro-stores (H&M, berschka, sfera), and already saw 2 french bulldogs. i can tell this is gonna be a great city 🙂 so, off i go! stay tuned later for the adventures i get in today.