on leaving my formative years in the dust

28 06 2010

ahhhh, ten years. a decade. who knew i’d ever remember one as a whole unit of time? not this girl. we went to see rascal flatts last night and they said they’d been around for 10 years. i actually remembered hearing their first single, “praying for daylight,” and not knowing who they were, and then continuing to love pretty much everything they’ve come out with since. ah, my love for music’s never changed. that ten year thing, though… got me thinking.

ten years ago i was in turmoil. well, not really. but kind of… it was the summer after my first year at UGA, i still didn’t know what i wanted to do with my life, still didn’t have any kind of romantic interest (i mean did i ever?!), still worked at the bakery (oh i miss that place!). i was actually working two jobs that summer- the bakery and the days inn downtown (lord, how i survived that i’ll never know) at the reception desk. pretty much the worst job ever. i was traumatized all summer. anyway, i remember that during *birthday season* 2000 my parents were actually in hawaii celebrating 20 years together, my sister was mad they were gonna be gone on her birthday, and i was spiraling through life in my normal dreamworld. keeping boys at arms length yet wanting so badly to one day find true love. i remember driving from my hotel job to my bakery job one day before my birthday, changing from one uniform to the next while driving (crazy kid), and bursting into tears realizing i wasn’t gonna be a teenager anymore. sadness, right?! Read the rest of this entry »


in which jamesly has run out of stuff to do in the OR… and now sits, contemplating life

26 06 2010

‘sup, y’all? I’m sitting in the OR & kinda bored so I thought I’d see how, uh, “fun” it would be to blog from my iphone. we’ll see how this goes.

we’re doin bout the grossest thing I can think of. de-gloved arm. *vom*

(can I put pics on here with this app? gonna take one, yo. look for it at the bottom. zoom it. this is sooooo grosssss…)

I kinda miss bonnaroo. still wearing my wristband. wondering how long to keep it on. guessing til my next “dressy” outfit requires it. or until my bday (15 days!). or until one-month-post-fest. somethin. i won’t be one of those ppl who keeps it on til next year. promise 🙂 The Year of Music continues, though! we got tix to so many great shows for fall recently. kings of leon, bnl, local natives, matt & Kim, avett bros, just to name a few… check my shows page for the complete list. ahhh I can’t wait. Read the rest of this entry »