Indie Rock Class of 2010, Where the Eff Are You?

21 02 2012

.::Take Only What You Need::.

since my lovely Eff&Music group has disbanded, for lack of a better word, i will just be continuing my music blogs on my Chasing Jamesly blog when i feel like writing. and here i am! happy tuesday, and happy mardi gras!!! i was lucky enough to be able to go to mobile this past weekend with my parents and go to my first mardi gras parade in years. it was so much fun and much calmer than i imagine new orleans to be at this time of year. i learned that mobile actually has the oldest mardi gras celebration in the country- even though new orleans is most well known for it, someone named joe cain really used to do it up in mobile. good to know. glad i have ties there. it was loads of fun- got a lot of beads, ate some great food, slept a lot. a grand weekend.

i realized, while on the road, that i’ve been in dire need of some new music. i’m sure all of you heard the great news that dave is resuming touring this year AND that they’re back in the studio with an almost-completed album, and it made me realize how fully committed they are to their music, and how it’s never a super long time between hearing from them, whether live or on a new CD. i love that, but i’ve become spoiled. i gained a lot of new favorite bands a couple years ago, in the months before my first coachella, a lot of which were just starting out and riding the high happy waves of indie success. i still love these bands, and listen to their stuff over and over again, but sadly haven’t heard much from them since. i decided to lump them all together and call them the Indie Rock Class of 2010, and i’m here today to ask, what’s up? where the eff are y’all? new albums, new singles even? something. i have a feeling they’re starting to wake up and get back with it- Sleigh Bells just released their sophomore effort Reign of Terror today- but i’m ready for more. it seems i keep having to find new bands to listen to when all i want is more comfort food from my favorites. don’t get me wrong- i love finding new music. fo sho. but i miss my Vampire Weekend, Passion Pit, Phoenix, XX, etc.  i’ve never made an album- i’m sure it takes time, patience, and the gods of songwriting to all come together and cause such perfection, but can i just be a brat and complain for a minute? and throw in some videos of my favorites?? gee thanks.

Passion Pit, where are you? i don’t even need an album. just a tour near me would be nice. i don’t think we ever had as much fun as we did with you at the tabernacle. Phoenix, i know you’re more of an Indie Rock alumni, but you haven’t been back to see us since 2010 either. Local Natives, are you still alive? are you working on new music or did you give up on us? The XX, i heard you were back in the studio. props. can’t wait to see ya. Avetts, i will again acknowledge alumni status for you, but atlanta misses you. why you go all these other places and never come see us, huh? need you, kiddos. and Vampire Weekend, i know you’re out there somewhere. whatcha been up to? anything new and fun for us yet? your albums are so short. they always leave me wanting more. i’m ready to hang out and jump a lot and be preppy again. c’mon.

i guess i’ll just be patient and see what happens. keep listening to new music and mix in a little of the Class of 2010. and of course, stay steady with my good friend dave. he’ll be at lakewood on 5.22.12! can’t wait y’all. here’s a little dave for your fat tuesday.

have a great week, y’all. today i’ll be loading up on sweets as i attempt to give up sweets for Lent (along with meat, as usual). it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but today sure will be awesome 🙂 til next time. laissez les bons temps rouler!



.::Coachella: The Recap::.

4 05 2010

yes, i’m stealing this from my post i wrote for Eff&Music. no, i don’t really care. two birds, one stone. you know this!

friday - outdoor stage

so, coachella was great. not sure if i’ll ever be able to put into words how much i loved it. my first ever music festival of that caliber, i’m sure i’ll be comparing everything else to it from here on out. if you’ve been following TOWYN, you know a lot of the bands i’d planned to see there. i ended up seeing a good number of those bands, as well as a bunch i’ve never even heard of. i tried to see as much music as i could possibly fit in those three days, in addition to getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and staying out of the sun. there was, surprisingly enough, really awesome food to be had (read: purchased), including lots of stuff with an “organic” label, lots of fresh fruits & veggies at a farmer’s market, huge slices of pizza, falafel (!), funnel cakes, and yummy stir fry.


i guess i was prepared for hot dogs and hamburgers and other fair-type food, so this was a welcome source of energy. water was not as hard to come by as i feared– purchased a nalgene-type bottle for $12, which allowed unlimited refills of filtered water (even though it was not cold), that definitely saved my life a few times. Read the rest of this entry »

.::coachella, here i come!::.

15 04 2010

tomorrow’s the day… COACHELLA begins! you know, that crazy 3-day music fest all the way across the country in SoCal that (for me) serves as a precursor to Bonnaroo? oh-the eff-yeah! cannot wait for this fun time… i’ve talked about it a little bit, and i really am excited, but i know i won’t really feel like i’m in it to win it til i have arrived at the Empire Polo Fields tomorrow afternoon.

i finally narrowed down a semi-schedule (using the lovely Coachooser) to decide which bands i’m gonna see at which times. it was tough to totally weed out some peeps i was getting excited about (if you’ve been following my coachella primer on Eff&Music you know i was excited about way too many), but i’m looking forward to full days of awesome music this weekend, and at the end of it, i don’t think i’ll be too upset. Read the rest of this entry »

today i love: april, paris, twittertainment, LOST, & free music

1 04 2010

sometimes i really want to say more than what i can fit on twitter (without being annoying), and more than people will care to read on facebook. but really whatever i post, they’re more just snippets of my life, things i love or things i’m thinking about. perhaps i’ll try to do this on the regular here instead of putting so much of myself out there on the other interwebs that we weave. so! without further ado. i welcome you to the first edition of:

.::today i love::.

APRIL. because with it comes memories of april fool’s & (even better) april surprise! also april brings us the most music in a month i will ever experience. tonight it all begins with third eye blind. the rest of the month will bring us janelle monae, vampire weekend, the awesomeness of coachella (see for all of my preview posts), my morning jacket, phoenix, and guster. this month also brings us AAAA, our annual anesthesia conference. usually at the beach. this year in savannah. you’d think that means we’ll be more tame… i think it will be more of a drunk-fest than in years past. god help us & pack the IVs. the weekend after that is coachella, and aside from the musical part of that fiasco, there will also be the joy of camping, and the joy of flying to california with camping supplies. the joy of probably not showering. the joy of possibilities of dehydration and heat stroke if i’m not careful. the *real* joy of hippie-communing-it for a weekend in the desert and taking home experiences i won’t have again (until june = bonnaroo). exciting! april rocks. in addition to all of THAT madness… april also brings amazing warm weather and a ton of late day sunshine that i can’t get enough of, giving me time to get to know the outdoors again and breathe in the fresh air. well, enough about april. we’ll get to live through that for the next 30 days.

PARIS. well, if you know me, you know i always love paris and am forever trying to plot my way back there. spring always makes me crave europe, and trying to forgo a huge trip this year, i know it’s gonna hit me hard. i’m trying to distract myself with music, y’all! but i found this lovely gem the other day and was enthralled. i guess if you can’t be there, this might be an ok substitute until you can get there. Read the rest of this entry »

jamesly’s back…!

30 01 2010

well that was a nice little break from life for a while… 2 months! but i promised myself i’d write more FOR myself this year than i’ve been doing, although i loooooove writing my Eff&Music stuff, that seems to be about all i’ve had time for lately (aside from work & my random travels). so! i wanted to tell you about one of the great abenteuers i have planned for this year…

.::coachella :: april 16-18, 2010 :: indio, california::.

have you ever heard of this awesome, awesome event? coachella is an annual massive music fest, comparable to (what those of us on the east coast know more about) bonnaroo. coachella was first held in 1999, skipped a year in 2000, and has been going continuously every april since 2001. i’ve heard lots more about festivals like bonnaroo over the years (being closer to where i live), and never thought i’d get the urge or the opportunity to go across the country to something like coachella. Read the rest of this entry »