.::happy earth day, now leave my sleep alone::.

22 04 2010

hey… anyone out there do any dream interpretation? my dreams have been really vivid and kind of disturbing lately… don’t know quite what to make of them, but it’s no fun to wake up feeling uneasy, ya know? i know dreams are kind of your subconscious just doing it’s thang & thinking about stuff while you’re asleep (that’s how i think about it anyway) but as of right now? me no like. i guess what it comes down to is that i’ve been frustrated with an old friend who pretty much has been incommunicado for a good while now but has been appearing several times a week in my dreams. there may be a reason and there may not be a reason, but either way, it hurts my feelings and now it’s apparently hurting my subconscious’s feelings. and since i can’t make my subconscious go to counseling… i guess i gotta work it out on my own. 🙂 so if you’re out there, old friend, please stop haunting my dreams. come downstairs & say hello. i only wish you well and i hope some day we meet again.

good morning, starshine… the earth says hello. happy earth day. my inner hippie spirit is all about celebrating nature and playing in the sunshine… alas, i’m working all day and probably won’t get much of an outdoor experience. sadness! good thing i did my super long hike yesterday… up & around stone mountain with a little jogging in the middle. yeah! me, jogging! crazy, no? my hips are calling me crazy, anyway. ouch. i should already be “training” for the peachtree but i guess yesterday was my first attempt at running in a good while. dunno how long that’s gonna last 🙂 probably walk most of it, like usual 🙂 but that’s another story for another month. today, since i can’t be outside, i’ll be celebrating instead by listening to the HAIR soundtrack. love it! definite favorite. chock-full of peace, love, & happiness. makes me wanna go to a Be-In or go protest something. can’t wait to see it live on broadway again… perhaps this summer, since the madre wants to go back. also for earth day, we’ve got a great show courtesy of daveFM on sunday night with GUSTER (!!!) and Ben Harper. what a way to close out an awesome weekend of music! friday night is My Morning Jacket and saturday brings my favorite frenchmen Phoenix back to town. too bad i’m working all day saturday and sunday. *sigh* gotta give it up, people. gotta give it up.

i’ll write all about my coachella fun soon so you can be super jealous. hey, there’s still time to get ready for bonnaroo. i’m making my list already. 🙂 peace! -j.