.::it’s fall!! time for another *random depressing* playlist::.

4 11 2009

welcome to the world, little november. we greet you with chilly fingers and toes & lots of hot chocolate. wait, what am i saying? EFF hot chocolate. i need a soy latte! ahhhh november. that month of months, where everything changes. november, to me, is a time when you get ready, get set & GO fast forward to holiday season. which, by the way, happens to be my absolute most FAVORITE time of the year. FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE! starting with halloween. too bad that’s just one day. but after that (i.e. NOW) it’s full speed ahead to thanksgiving, christmas, and new year’s. so excited!! i’m sure i’ll be going crazy with holiday stuff soon enough, but for now, let’s enjoy, while we can, *fall things.*Autum Leafs(1)

fall, to me, is this mystical, magical time of the year that sometimes doesn’t exist in beautiful GA… there’s this very tiny window of time when the leaves change and the weather gets cool (but not freezing cold) and you can go hiking and camping and silly stuff like that. unfortunately for us here, it usually doesn’t show up til late october and early november, and only lasts a couple of weeks before the wintery BLAHS set in. that’s what i hate. so i’m gonna enjoy *fall-ness* while i can. Read the rest of this entry »