.::e&m: little james gets crafty, tries bone marrow::.

6 11 2009

my friend MK and i happen to have a slightly more expensive taste than our other friends, sometimes… which may explain why, last year when we were in hawaii, we ate the most ridiculously expensive meal we’d ever paid for, EVER, at la mer, a restaurant in the halekulani hotel (which, coincidentally, also had a number of high-end boutique shops inside… including chanel…!). i think we got this, like….. RIDICULOUS ten course “tasting menu” which cost [a number i’d rather not say] a person. and then there was wine… let’s just say i spent more at that place than i ever thought i’d spend on *food.* but, don’t get me wrong. it’s was amazing.

MK & I decided to have dinner the other night and catch up after my trip to spain, and decided to go to Craft Bar. I’ve always wanted to go there, but it wasn’t until it was suggested by someone at work that we considered it (since our first choice got shot down). we were told that Craft Bar was so much better than Craft, the restaurant upstairs. so, we decided to try it… and it was definitely an interesting experience!! the Craft complex is located on Peachtree, near the Maggiano’s across from lenox, and right in front of The Mansion on Peachtree. a little valet parking, checked in with the hostess, and we were sitting down almost immediately. Read the rest of this entry »


E&M: FunFoodThursday: Tapas!!!

2 11 2009

wouldn’t ya know it… little james went to spain and now she wants to talk about ¡¡~TAPAS~!! [note: i’ve included pictures of my random tapa experience throughout. don’t mind me.]sangria + fun fish things on toast!i knew tapas were big over there, especially in the town of sevilla, where i spent my first week. what i didn’t realize was just how awesome the culture of tapas was. one of the great things about doing a language school over there was the optional ‘culture classes’ we had every day. these were classes we had the hour before our actually language classes where we did something culturally related; for instance, worked on pronunciation or read poems or something like that. well, the last day of culture class we learned all about the glory of TAPAS. there’s actually quite a history to it. those of us who live in the states know what tapas are, know which restaurants have them, know how tiny they can be, and know that they go reallllly well with a mojito or caipiriñha. which, at this point, i must stop and say: dearest cachaça, i forgot how much i loved you. i have rekindled my love with caipiriñhas and will be seeing you again very, very soon. Read the rest of this entry »

.::the rain in spain::.

22 10 2009

well, there’s that. rain, that is. and a LOT of it.

rain, rain, go away... :(

rain, rain, go away... 😦

i might be a little drunk…. i’m pretty sure i drank the entirety of a bottle of wine today. a half-bottle at lunch with sushi and then another at dinner just now. 🙂 a day in the life, i suppose… hopefully not forever more though… i want *people* back!! we all know i’m not a big talker, but, GOD, i miss having company. i love it here, but i’m itching to be around people i know again. (that’s me saying, i miss you! all of you… wish you could see this place!) Read the rest of this entry »