.::then james thought of something she hadn’t before::.

20 08 2010

i was thinking too many things at once.

usually i use twitter to get rid rid of the stuff in my head because i have no one around to tell my little silly thoughts to… but sometimes i just have so much going on and i feel like maybe i should write more than 140 characters. that’s usually when i write a lil’ somethin here.

what i was thinking today, mainly, (don’t laugh; it might come across as cheesy) is how lucky i really am. today i’m in a dental case at work- and usually dental cases we do under anesthesia are ones for patients who couldn’t normally tolerate a visit to a dentist office for procedures. my patient today has huntington’s disease– a debilitating neurological thing that usually has a late onset and leaves the body it inhabits as somewhat uncontrollable and slightly demented. this little guy i’m taking care of is 38 years old and was diagnosed six years ago. i don’t know if he has dementia quite yet, but he definitely has trouble expressing himself and controlling his movements. his demeanor is what really struck me… he was just so sweet and smiling and everything… Read the rest of this entry »