.::peace out, austin: ACL wrap-up::.

11 10 2010

so it all came to a close yesterday. the last day of austin city limits wasn’t nearly as exciting as the first two, but there was still some good music to be had. we actually got up the earliest of the three days because we were determined to eat a real breakfast (instead of Sonic this time). we tried to go back to Kerbey Lane Cafe but it was wayyyy crowded so we ended up at some sketch IHOP under a bridge. it was all good. i got pumpkin pancakes (again) and some eggs n stuff.

we got in the gates of ACL by 12:30 and saw a number of cool people, minus my leftover pumpkin pancake from bfast (who said you couldn’t bring food in?! i saw some old people with a banana and a boiled egg while we were watching The Eagles! how’d they sneak that shit in?!)

  • Ted Leo and The Pharmacists we found some shade under an awesome tree and camped out for these guys… we’d heard of them but hadn’t really heard any of their music. they were pretty ok though.
  • Portugal. The Man i actually had heard some of their stuff before, on daytrotter, and i really liked it! they got a thumbs up.
  • Blind Pilot we didn’t actually sit and listen to these guys but we heard a lot of their show waiting for other stuff to start. really nice voice, acoustic type stuff, i liked. gotta check them out.
  • The Morning Benders we found a great spot between the AMD and Honda stages where we could catch this band and the next without moving. they are fun fun. harmony!
  • Yeasayer redemption! we missed their show last weekend (got a little too stuck in fado at oktoberfest to make it to the masquerade). super fun dance party though! love them!
  • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros hippie love fest! oh how i love them. i wish the people around us had been more into it. he is such a freakin hippie weirdo but i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. wanna be in their *tribe.*
  • The Flaming Lips felt like our duty to see these guys. recognized a few songs and glad i got to see them but they weren’t all that exciting for me. ho-hum. i think i was just mad they didn’t play my “yoshimi battling the pink robots” or whatever that song was called. got to drink some of that good draft beer though! without getting it kicked outta my hand 🙂
  • The National we watched about three songs of theirs since we really wanted to see the band at the next stage over and i got to see The National last week. love them though.
  • Cage the Elephant i was so excited to see them! they are favorites. i love how the guy sings, the little rhythm he’s got. really into it, great live show, sad they only got 45 min to play.
  • The Eagles …..hmmm. well, we knew all the songs. kind of a mellow way to end the weekend though. people were just filing out all over the place from the time they started. i went shopping. bought an awesome tshirt that i just love. it’s gotten lots of comments today. you’ll see.

well, that was that! now we’re headed out. back home and to (hopefully) cleaner air. can’t wait to breathe right again. sheesh.



.::live from austin, day 2!::.

10 10 2010

hola peeps! how’s it going?

austin officially hates me. just found out at Walgreen’s (where we’ve been making regular twice-a-day stops) that austin is the allergy capital of the country. i never have allergy problems. NEVER. ok, maybe a little bit, just in the past couple years. let’s just say Clairitin D is my besssst friend. but for real? i don’t have allergy probs. here? i’ve been kinda dying. poor S had to go get a breathing treatment in the ER yesterday… and i’ve been trying to figure out how to stop sneezing and how to keep my face from leaking. stupid face. anyway.

ACL’s been going great… we had lots of fun shows today. slept in because we went to bed late, went by Walgreen’s (of course) and were Sonic virgins for a little snack pre-festival (the sonic guy was weird but nice… and he liked my earrings). we parked in the same spot as yesterday and stood in the same stupid line to get in. as for who we saw:

  • Two Door Cinema Club we caught the tail-end of their show. it was pretty great. looking forward to seeing them on tuesday back in the A.
  • Lucero first time i ever caught part of their set! brittany would be proud 🙂
  • Manchester Orchestra these guys are definitely into their music. total screamos, but they’re from the A, so i wanted to finally see their set.
  • Broken Bells supergroup! Danger Mouse and The Shins guy! so glad i got to see them since they were in town during my bday party…
  • Local Natives we left Broken Bells early to see my faves. fun dance party sing-a-long good time! love them love them love them! #iloveitall
  • The XX S & R went to Temper Trap and i went to see my chill BFFs from The XX. they are so great. i love their music. i can’t understand why the others are hating. 😉
  • Monsters of Folk i actually meant to see more of these guys, again, but heard more of LCD Soundsystem (who i’m liking more and more these days) than i meant to. got food during this hour (Salt Lick bbq – you’re welcome, madre) and caught parts of both shows.
  • Deadmau5 favorite!!! love his set. R had never heard him before and he was rockin out! so proud. i wish we got a chance to live-dance-party with JZ more often. what a dork 🙂
  • MIA she was actually there, even though some peeps here said she had cancelled. dumb dumb dumb. she was awesome though- great show.
  • Muse watched the end of their set after MIA. tried to explain vampire/goth rock to R. don’t think he quite got it.

so yeah! day 2 a success. wide awake little night-owl as always. drinkin spaten oktoberfest and watching (500) days of summer for the first time. love this movie!!!! ahhh, i knew i would. very, very me. oh i can’t wait to live my life. anyway- to bed soon enough, then back to festival life. more tomorrow.


.::live from austin! #acl2k10::.

9 10 2010

sup y’all? not that i’m promising to update you each day or anything, but… here i am in austin and the first day of austin city limits is over and i’m wide awake, sitting here at adrianne’s. first music festival i’m not camping at. so nice to come home to an actual enclosed place with a/c and pillows and a bed and a shower and and and… too many great things to mention.

we got to the great republic of texas yesterday… i actually flew into san antonio around lunch and had to kill some time before ryan and shaniah flew in… got an awesome prius hybid rental (!!!love!!!), drove downtown, saw The Alamo (in San Antonio? who knew?!), did the River Walk thing… ended up sitting and finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (sooo good) and drank coffee (of course) then made my way back to the airport so we could get on the road to austin.

only took us maybe an hour twenty to make it to austin… we went to dinner and then to a bar with A and some of her friends. pretty nice town, this austin! i can totally see the appeal of living here. so many fun places to go and things to do. love it already. so we got up today and ate breakfast at an awesome place called kerbey lane cafe that had (!!!!) pumpkin pancakes (yum yummm yummmmmmmm!) and a bunch of other awesome stuff and then we took off for acl.

  • we thought we’d be awesome and go see The Verve Pipe even though they were playing the kiddie stage… thought for sure they’d play “the freshmen.” nope, we lose.
  • Blues Traveler awesome like they were at bonnaroo… love their cover of radiohead‘s “creep.”
  • Miike Snow i’d only heard a few of his songs before today but i’m totally a fan now. so much fun. and, like S said, a little like Passion Pit! oh, and he had cutie Ezra Koenig come on stage to do a live remix of  “kids don’t stand a chance.” yay!
  • The Black Keys really great but super crowded and  hot out on the lawn. happy to see them again so soon!
  • Beach House i’ve been looking forward to seeing them, and they didn’t disappoint… i like them a LOT. i’d warned R & S it was pretty chill-tastic like The XX, but they chilled right on through it (mad props) while i was dancing in my own little world as usual
  • Slightly Stoopid we passed up seeing Spoon for the gazillionth time this year to try something new. fun show, plus gave us easy access to the food area and the bathrooms for a little break…! way-too-spicy fish tacos and Imperial (costa rican beer).
  • Vampire Weekend favorite favorite favorite!!!! you know i love those boys. great show, as always, but the contra girl wasn’t the background this time because of the lawsuit.
  • The Strokes seemed really fun even though we were pretty far back and couldn’t see anything.
  • Phish yay! finally! never seen them before and they were so much fun. we caught the last hour, after The Strokes, but it was awesome and i want to see them again. S liked them too!

and now, here we are, back at home, after the long trip back to the car and a stop at walgreens. maybe i’ll get tired here soon and get some sleep. S is off in search of a breathing treatment. i’m just watchin tv. already watched the end of Something’s Gotta Give (favorite!) and now i’m watching The Lost Boys (first time ever). so yeah! perhaps another update tomorrow? we’ll see!


♬ music: the love of my life ♬

16 08 2010

soooo….. hey there. how’s it goin. i made an interesting observation the other day about myself… one that appears to make perfect sense ALL THE TIME now and frankly, is kinda scary. and kinda cool.

i just realized that i am dating music.

what else can explain it? who else do i turn to when life seems just completely effing wrong? or absolutely perfect? the first thing i thought of when i had this strange, strange epiphany was erykah badu‘s songlove of my life.” you know that one? ode to hip hop? yeah. pretty much a love song to music. my story. apparently music is my one and only… for right now 🙂 i mean, i hope we don’t have to break up when i find a real boy that i like… nah, that won’t happen.

what it comes down to is this: music is the first thing i hear in the morning (besides my effing alarm) and it’s what puts me to sleep at night. it’s with me throughout the day (when i walk, i’m kinda just dancing along to whatever song is in my head). i can’t drive without music. i have to have it when i go for walks, when i’m in the shower, when i’m in the OR. i’m always discovering new bands and artists that make my heart happy. this must be why i love the world of indie so much… there’s always something new, some new group i’ve never heard of. opens up my heart. i guess it helps that a lot of my favorite musicians are super hottt 😉

real-life dating can be tough, but dating music doesn’t have to be. i go on dates with music as often as i can. maybe not every week, sometimes 3-4 times a week… we even go on weekend trips together a few times a year. the past year and a half or so that we’ve really been together have been fabulous. at the beginning, i was calling it The Year of Music, but it seems to have stretched into more than that. we’ve evolved into a comfortable friendship that will go on as long as i have the resources (and the time) to support it. one day, i’ll meet a real guy that will eventually take up more of my time than going to shows can. i can only hope this guy will love music as much as i do and support my passions.

i’ve got another long run of shows & trips to see shows coming up soon. i thought “concert season” had a beginning and an end date, like mid-spring through fall? guess not, as more and more shows are popping up my calender into november. *sigh* in the words of jeff buckley... “it’s never over.”


back from bonnaROOOOOOO

18 06 2010

what up, world?

i’m back! procrastination strikes again. i should be doing my ACLS right now but instead i’m writing to you happy people. how’s it goin? how’s life? everyone treatin ya well? right on.

once again i’ve not really written as often as i should, probably because of laziness on my part. hey, at least i’ve been occupying my time with lovely upstanding activities like bonnaroo 🙂 oh, silly bonnaroo, how fantastic you were. i miss you so much already. i don’t know if there are words to encapsulate you right now. maybe just a brief “this is what went down” kinda thing.

all the madness began thursday… we’d been up late with (FAVORITE!!!!!) passion pit the night before, so just getting out of bed was a chore, but we did it. packed the car. drove off into the sunrise, soy latte in hand. only excellence ahead. it was smooth sailing (give or take a few stops at wal-mart and such) until we arrived at the exit for bonnaroo traffic… to make an extremely long story short, i will just say: 15 miles and 6.5 hours later (YES I SAID SIX AND A HALF HOURS AND FIFTEEN EFFING MILES) we donned wrist bands and drove into our camp for the next four days. we set up our shit with a quickness and felt pretty proud of ourselves with our massive tent and canopy thing. seeing that we left the ATL around 9am and it was now close to 8pm, we wanted to start drinking asap. the festival on thurs was kinda uneventful… no rain, just a little mud to get acquainted with, one heatstroke fainting event (with love from yours truly), a few shows (temper trap, part of wale (um… he was late and didn’t even really do anything on stage), and a bit of foul-mouthed & crass margaret cho), and one located sister (nadia drove up late after class). all in all a good preview of what was to come.

FRIDAY didn’t allow much sleep, it was so effing hot out there, so we got up and pretty much sat around in the shade, drinking and napping, until we decided to go see edward sharpe midafternoon. the sun was brutal in manchester, y’all. brutal! just sayin, i wore SPF 90 all weekend and i have never been darker. and my back’s burned. not horribly, but still. SPF 90!! Read the rest of this entry »

.::Coachella: The Recap::.

4 05 2010

yes, i’m stealing this from my post i wrote for Eff&Music. no, i don’t really care. two birds, one stone. you know this!

friday - outdoor stage

so, coachella was great. not sure if i’ll ever be able to put into words how much i loved it. my first ever music festival of that caliber, i’m sure i’ll be comparing everything else to it from here on out. if you’ve been following TOWYN, you know a lot of the bands i’d planned to see there. i ended up seeing a good number of those bands, as well as a bunch i’ve never even heard of. i tried to see as much music as i could possibly fit in those three days, in addition to getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and staying out of the sun. there was, surprisingly enough, really awesome food to be had (read: purchased), including lots of stuff with an “organic” label, lots of fresh fruits & veggies at a farmer’s market, huge slices of pizza, falafel (!), funnel cakes, and yummy stir fry.


i guess i was prepared for hot dogs and hamburgers and other fair-type food, so this was a welcome source of energy. water was not as hard to come by as i feared– purchased a nalgene-type bottle for $12, which allowed unlimited refills of filtered water (even though it was not cold), that definitely saved my life a few times. Read the rest of this entry »

//how am i supposed to pretend/i never wanna see you again//

9 04 2010

why, oh why, did my dad move to georgia?? i mean, had he stayed in brooklyn, or maybe moved somewhere else in the northeast, maybe (just maybe!) i could have been a cool prep-school kid too. maybe i could’ve vacationed at cape cod. maybe i could’ve had a closet full of madras and seersucker fun. *sigh* instead, i’m relegated to going to vampire weekend shows and feeling wistful as i leave, wishing to be among the privileged.

last night the prep school boys of v-dub came to visit us at the tabernacle (on ezra koenig’s birthday! w00t!) for an awesome, awesome show that was easily the best show of the year so far. me & shaniah actually got there at doors and (even though there was a line wrapped around the block) got awesome balcony seats (i’m short & though i love the floor i always get stuck behind tall guys… what gives?) and settled in to wait for *FAVORITES!* we got tour shirts (of course) and our token yuengling-in-a-can and proceeded to get amped up for the dance party. Read the rest of this entry »