.::dear john::.

18 03 2010

dear john mayer,

hey you cutie. thank you for reminding me why keep you at #2 on my love list. you were, last night (as always) an amazing performer. i’m captivated by the way you handle a guitar. and i love the way you treat a crowd. i don’t think you’re 100% douchebag (as some so beautifully put it), and i appreciate your humility, even if it’s not 100% genuine all the time. seeing you play last night… not only songs that are popular for you on the radio, but old school awesomeness that made me love you in the first place, songs you wrote here in this beautiful city, made me realize that you think about who you’re playing for each day, and i appreciate that. i remember when you were just a guy with a guitar who would play the smaller side of music life and love every minute of it as much as you do now. i know that look that you get on your face when you’re playing, the look i used to think was silly and strange to see instead of a smile, but it’s a good look for you. i love seeing someone so talented who is so into the music- music that you wrote and came up with based on your own experiences. that’s truly a rarity these days.

given the past few years of super-stardom and brushes with greatness (becoming a celebrity will do that, i guess), your ego may have gotten a little bigger than we all expected. Read the rest of this entry »