.::farewell, dear friend::.

25 05 2010

hola, my little ones. what’s up? i’m trying to find a way to make myself write more than, like, 2 posts a month. i think i def have issues with writing short posts… i kinda feel like it has to be a lot i’m saying if i’m putting it out there. but then i just realized i hate when i read blogs that are super long. so maybe i’ll start being brief. ha! if that’s not the biggest joke…

this past weekend was awesome. “adventures in clubbing” with the SIB girls. East Atlanta Beer Fest. play time with puppies. but, aside from all that good fun stuff, it was also a weekend to say goodbye to one of my most avidly watched shows of all time, LOST. oh, the past five years of my life (i started a season late, but quickly caught up) would not have been the same without this show, the blogs i read about the show, and the discussions i’ve had with others about the show. it’s been an amazing experience to be so intertwined with a story line that hasn’t come from the pages of a book. i feel the same way about the show that i do about some of my favorite serial novels (i.e. Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, even the Jason Bourne chronicles). i’ll never be able to briefly talk about how i felt about the show. maybe over time i can get my thoughts together about it, in retrospect. but for now i’ll just say, somewhere along the way i stopped caring about getting answers to all of the little nit-picky questions that have come up over the years, and started just caring about where the writers wanted to take the show. and i ended up happy with the result. Read the rest of this entry »


today i love: april, paris, twittertainment, LOST, & free music

1 04 2010

sometimes i really want to say more than what i can fit on twitter (without being annoying), and more than people will care to read on facebook. but really whatever i post, they’re more just snippets of my life, things i love or things i’m thinking about. perhaps i’ll try to do this on the regular here instead of putting so much of myself out there on the other interwebs that we weave. so! without further ado. i welcome you to the first edition of:

.::today i love::.

APRIL. because with it comes memories of april fool’s & (even better) april surprise! also april brings us the most music in a month i will ever experience. tonight it all begins with third eye blind. the rest of the month will bring us janelle monae, vampire weekend, the awesomeness of coachella (see effnmusic.com for all of my preview posts), my morning jacket, phoenix, and guster. this month also brings us AAAA, our annual anesthesia conference. usually at the beach. this year in savannah. you’d think that means we’ll be more tame… i think it will be more of a drunk-fest than in years past. god help us & pack the IVs. the weekend after that is coachella, and aside from the musical part of that fiasco, there will also be the joy of camping, and the joy of flying to california with camping supplies. the joy of probably not showering. the joy of possibilities of dehydration and heat stroke if i’m not careful. the *real* joy of hippie-communing-it for a weekend in the desert and taking home experiences i won’t have again (until june = bonnaroo). exciting! april rocks. in addition to all of THAT madness… april also brings amazing warm weather and a ton of late day sunshine that i can’t get enough of, giving me time to get to know the outdoors again and breathe in the fresh air. well, enough about april. we’ll get to live through that for the next 30 days.

PARIS. well, if you know me, you know i always love paris and am forever trying to plot my way back there. spring always makes me crave europe, and trying to forgo a huge trip this year, i know it’s gonna hit me hard. i’m trying to distract myself with music, y’all! but i found this lovely gem the other day and was enthralled. i guess if you can’t be there, this might be an ok substitute until you can get there. Read the rest of this entry »