<3 ode to valentine’s day <3

14 02 2012

it’s come to my attention that i know enough people that hate Valentine’s Day that i feel the need to defend its honor year after year. i have been without a Valentine (in the true sense of the world) for 5 years now, and i can’t say i’m any worse for it. i’ve always been a fan of this chocolate-themed holiday. i can’t remember a february 14th without candy and cards and flowers, and the mere fact that they are gifts from family members and friends does not make me wish that they were, instead, from a boy. some of these presents were better than anything i ever got from a boy. silly boys 🙂

years ago when i was in college, i remember year being inspired to make a CD for one of my best friends full of songs to help celebrate the day. i don’t remember if it was a recent heartbreak or just another year of being single that  i was trying to distract her from… most of the songs seemed to say “oh, you’ll find someone one day” or “love is out there, you just wait.” at the time i made this CD, i was, surprisingly, NOT single for the first time in, well, forever. i didn’t realized that CD was maybe something i was making for myself ten years in the future. not to say that i need reassurance that love will come to me (but thank you, Indigo Girls), but just to give myself a little hug with music. i am sure love will come to me in some form or fashion, and at some point. my impatience likes to believe otherwise, but either way, it’s no good reason to hate 2.14. let’s listen to amy & emily reassure us. all together now! this means you.

love that song!! Valentine’s Day may have been “created” by (or, in the very least, ceremonially adopted by) Hallmark, but in the end, this day should be about love, in general, not just about going to a fancy dinner or buying cards or flowers or candy. (however- i will not stop you, should you wish to take me out to a fancy dinner or buy me cards or flowers or candy!)  love should be celebrated every day. i won’t lie; i don’t say “i love you” nearly enough to the people that actually matter in my life – my sweet family – but i am trying. and maybe this day is a helpful reminder that we should.

the other reason i love Valentine’s Day, besides celebrating the beautiful and fanciful thing called love, is, as i told someone earlier today, the fact that valentine’s is the first beautiful bright shining star of the year. january blows- it’s cold and awful and there are no holidays or anything to celebrate. and then- boom. pink, red, chocolate, hearts, LOVE. and the rest of the year is easy breezy. you’re welcome.

i hope you get to eat lots of chocolate and smell the roses that everyone else is getting today. i’m wearing red and cutting out paper hearts and plan on eating a shitload of chocolate and drinking some very good red wine while listening to amazing music later on today. celebrate yourself, if you don’t have anyone to do it for you. or i’ll dote on you, if you want. i love to dote. just say the word! chocolate for EVERYONE. we win!!

you are all special to me. have a great and love-filled jelly donut of a day!



an indulgence, of sorts

16 11 2010

today is the day, loves. today is my favorite day of the year, each time it happens throughout the year. today is DAVE DAY!!! dave matthews and his band of brothers make their way back to the ATL one last time before their year-long hiatus (if you didn’t hear, the band is taking 2011 “off,” if you will, from touring, after 20 consecutive years on the road). i guess they can take a little break 🙂 i just don’t know what i’m gonna do with myself next year. i’ll have to stage dave listening parties under the stars or something. i’ll definitely miss them in my life though… tonight will be my 6th show of theirs this year. last year i was also lucky enough to see them 6 times. tonight will be my 24th show ever. i never thought i would get this far in my dave life. 😉 i’m just full of stats here. tonight we’re also going full circle… he’s playing philips arena, which used to be the omni, which was the place i first saw him play in december 1995. almost fifteen years exactly. *tear* i’m such a sap.

dave, you and me have come a long way. i first came to love you and your music after seeing you live, and then i found a way to love a boy through your music, and then your music helped define my relationships with that boy, with other boys, with best friends, and with fellow music lovers. now, your music sits with me in life like a loyal best friend… i go to a lot of shows and see a lot of popular (and a lot of unheard-of) bands, but i always come home to you. my favorite song (as we all know) is the illustrious #41. i will one day have your firedancer tatooed on my body. i hope one day i actually get to meet you and tell you what a huge part of my life you’ve become. goal in life. fa sho!

it’s sad to me that so many other people in the world love you as much as i do. i guess i have to be willing to share someone who’s become such a big presence in the music world. i am happy for your success and i’m happy you remain so down-to-earth and humble. i love that you’re a humanitarian and a philanthropist. above all else, i love that you’re in love with your music, and that anyone can see that just by watching you perform live.

i can’t wait to spend three hours totally engulfed in your sound tonight. whatever you play will be awesome…but, for your amusement and reading pleasure, here are my top ten requests (which i’m sure you’ll take into consideration):

  • THE BEST OF WHAT’S AROUND. one of my favorites. i love the lyrics and the hey-la-la’s. “turns out not where but who you’re with that really matters.”
  • TYPICAL SITUATION. again with the lyrics. but i love the cresecendo and what the song builds toward. “everybody’s happy, everybody’s free, we’ll keep the big door open, everyone’ll come around.”
  • HALLOWEEN. my favorite “angsty” song of dave’s… for when you really need an EFF YOU song but don’t really want cee-lo…  my favorite line: “tell me, are you really satisfied with f@*$&%^? don’t walk away i’m talking to you!” you tell her, dave. bitch.
  • SPACEMAN. secondary favorite on the new album. i lovedseven” first (and still do) but this is the one i listen to over and over again. “i’m not all bad but i’m a faithful sinner, i might get lost but i’ll be home for dinner.”
  • SAY GOODBYE. i used to hate this song because #41 flowed right into it, and i didn’t understand what was behind the song. now, i get it, i love it, and it makes me happy. 😉 “in your eyes i see what’s on my mind.”
  • RAPUNZEL. awesome song from one of my favorite albums, Before These Crowded Streets. and well… my favorite line here really is not for children’s eyes, so i’ll stick with “blood through my veins for you, you alone have all of me, i give my world to you, to you i will be true.”
  • CRUSH. another lover from BTCS. “so much you have given, love, that i would give you back again and again.”
  • TWO STEP. i don’t think this one needs explaining. this falls in the category of “acoustic crunk” fo’ sho. you can’t NOT dance to this. and, it’s shanayhay’s favorite! “celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain.”
  • JIMI THING. this one is part of the old school crowd, and also has one of my nicknames in it, and is also just an awesome song. “what i want is what i’ve not got, but what i need is all around me.” ’nuff said.
  • #41. what is there to say about my absolute favorite song? there’s a reason (i grudgingly admit) that so many people love it, even though the lyrics don’t seem to mean much of anything close to the way the song feels… but there’s one line that fits my life perfectly. “i will go in this way, and find my own way out.” and don’t forget leroi’s perfect sax solo. that could be a lyric in itself (jeff coffin does an amazing job in leroi’s absence).

can’t wait til tonight! we’ll be in the pit, pushing our way to the front 🙂 see you there! peace!

.::then james thought of something she hadn’t before::.

20 08 2010

i was thinking too many things at once.

usually i use twitter to get rid rid of the stuff in my head because i have no one around to tell my little silly thoughts to… but sometimes i just have so much going on and i feel like maybe i should write more than 140 characters. that’s usually when i write a lil’ somethin here.

what i was thinking today, mainly, (don’t laugh; it might come across as cheesy) is how lucky i really am. today i’m in a dental case at work- and usually dental cases we do under anesthesia are ones for patients who couldn’t normally tolerate a visit to a dentist office for procedures. my patient today has huntington’s disease– a debilitating neurological thing that usually has a late onset and leaves the body it inhabits as somewhat uncontrollable and slightly demented. this little guy i’m taking care of is 38 years old and was diagnosed six years ago. i don’t know if he has dementia quite yet, but he definitely has trouble expressing himself and controlling his movements. his demeanor is what really struck me… he was just so sweet and smiling and everything… Read the rest of this entry »