.::headed to the concrete jungle where dreams are made::.

13 07 2010

well, I’d written a little “I’m going to new York, bitches!!” post a lil while ago but it got deleted. along with my original flight. yep, my 11:40 flight woulda had me in NYC at a beautiful 1pm. *sigh* now we had to work some magic and get rerouted… no show for me tonight… won’t get in til 730p. if we’re lucky. apparently, the weather sucks. or maybe it’s raining in grief over Steinbrenner’s death.

as I was saying, though, we’re off to new york! can’t wait. looking forward to exploring new neighborhoods, seeing new shows, and taking lots of new pictures… both with my hipstamatic iPhone cam (awesome) and my new hipstamatic-ish Diana Mini *real film* camera that Nadia got me for mah birthday!!! yay 🙂 thanks Nadia!!!

Nadia & Bryan & Shaniah & Lindsay are all coming on Thursday to join me & the madre for a fun-filled weekend. then, back on Monday… if airplanes & ports decide to love me again…

hopefully I’ll be able to give random updates throughout the week. love having this wordpress app. check ya later!