#mylife: packing. thus far

24 03 2011

hey world. james here. again. so sorry i haven’t been keepin up with ya so much lately… winter break and all that… but never fear, spring is here, and i am… somewhere. i’ve actually picked up on all of my Eff&Music posts lately so i’ve been writing a lot about the music in my life, but not much else. and there is much else!

well, i kinda already told you about it, but… i’m buying a house. i guess the important part of this statement is that i have to pack up my life once again and move it from my tiny starter apartment to my new, it’s-way-too-big-for-me house. no worries though- i am sure i will be able to fill it up, if not with furniture and all of my stuff that others are too quick to call “junk,” then definitely with love. i have a little over a month until i move, and, while that seems to be a long time, you must realize i’ll be venturing out of my work life for the first time this year on some travels.

next weekend we’re going to destin for our annual anesthesia conference (read: anesthesia spring break), and after i come home from that, i work pretty much every day until we leave for california to go to… COACHELLA!!! i so cannot wait for this festival. it’s gonna be as awesome as last year, but actually so much better since we know what to expect and have planned it out so much better this year. yes, yes. and after we come home from that adventure… i have about a week (in which i’m working almost every day again!) before it’s time to start the closing/moving process from marietta to brookhaven. joy.

packing is gonna be a bitch. as i said, i have a shit ton of stuff, and not a lot of places for it to go in my apartment. if you think about it, my apartment kind of looks like a really cool thrift store. (i do love a really cool thrift store. so this doesn’t really surprise me. and shouldn’t surprise you. actually, it should worry you. because with the arrival of so much more space in my life, i may frequent really cool thrift stores more often and come home with more really cool thrift store stuff. *sigh*)

i decided to start the packing process by taking some pictures off the wall. that proved to be a mistake of grand proportions. not only did my cat decide my cute pictures were attack-able, but she also tried to eat the nails & thumbtacks they’d been hanging on. (she’s crazy, by the way.) in addition to that madness, i realized that a wall without pictures was unavoidably depressing. so, i stopped after clearing one small part of one small wall and moved on to another project.

i managed to weave my way through my “craft area”( that i haven’t been able to use in months) last night and start putting that stuff into boxes. i figured that would be a good place to start, since it’s unlikely i’ll be sitting down to do any fun projects before may. ha! is it sad to anyone else but me that i can’t bring myself to throw away stuff from college and high school? i mean, mementos, man! i can’t do it. impossible. anyway. it was a nice start… it’s highly unlikely anything else that productive will happen again in the next few weeks, but hey. i made a dent.

i’m gonna make a strong effort to keep you up-to-date on all of this packing madness (and my upcoming travels, of course), if not to entertain you than to just keep track of my madness, which i’m sure to conveniently “forget” during one of the rage blackouts that will show up sooner or later 😉 i know you can’t wait. til next time-